Carlisle Chimney man lowered finally.

Emergency workers have reportedly brought down the man who has been stuck atop a 270ft chimney since last night.

Local Residents heard shouting coming from the vicinity of the chimney late last night and poice arrived on scene at approx 2:20 late last night.

It has taken until 4:45 this afternoon to safely recover the man from the 90M high chimney attached to one of the oldest surviving cotton mills in the area.

According to News and Star – The man stranded on top of Dixon’s Chimney has been lowered to the ground in the last few minutes and he has been handed over to medical specialists. No update on the man’s condition but his family are being supported by specially trained police officers.

It is now understood that the man had perished during the lengthy rescue / recovery operation.

Specialist access equipment was brought in from scotland to assist the emergency services in this rescue operation. Earlier attempts to reach the man using a coastguard helicopter were abandoned after fears about the condition of the ladder still holding the man aloft were raised.

Police also stated they had been using a police drone to monitor the situation.

The man has been pictured as being topless, upside down perilously suspended by one leg only. Some reports indicate he may have been up there since 10:30 last night meaning severe exposure at the very least could be a factor. Some reports on weather conditions in Carlisle last night had temperatures as low as 1 degree.