New Years Eve Fireworks in Blackpool

In 2021, for the first time – Local’s and visitors alike will be treated to a spectacular New Years Eve Fireworks in Blackpool!

The news announced today by Visit Blackpool outlines an evening display firing at 5PM which appears to be aimed more toward a family friendly time allowing children to attend an organised display well before their usual bedtime.

This free to attend event will be set around the tower festival headland / comedy carpet, just like the Blackpool world fireworks championships – of which the finale is set to be held this coming saturday 23rd October.

The illuminations will also be running until the 3rd of Jan 2021 meaning that the lights will still be on for the New Years Eve Fireworks in Blackpool

If you would like more information about the event you can find the latest news from Visit Blackpool.

Fireworks Fire from Tower
It’s not yet known if fireworks will be fired from atop the tower as seen in the image above from the illuminations switch on in September 2021


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