LightPool – Performers for 2017

Whilst the Blackpool Illuminations have been attracting audiences for more than a century, new to Blackpool in recent years is the Lightpool Festival.  This event complements the illuminations and spans a few days towards the end of October.  It features live entertainment and exhibits to add a little more excitement to the experience of the Blackpool Illuminations.

What is LightPool?

LightPool’s 3D projection against the Tower

From the 25th to 27th of October 21017, Central Promenade is the place to be.  Here, you’ll have the chance to see plenty of FREE and family friendly entertainment from musicians to illuminated trams.  If you have been to LightPool before, you should definitely return as this year’s display promises to be even more spectacular than ever.

The LightPool events are scheduled to take part on the Tower Festival Headland and in the town centre, with performances taking place between 5pm and 7pm.




Spark! Featuring the Worldbeaters

Spark! by Worldbeaters Music will be performing on all three of the nights during LightPool.

This intense act features amazing choreography accompanied by exciting percussion all spectacularly illuminated.

You’ll never have seen anything quite like it and it’s entertaining for the whole family.






Afishal has been causing a storm in recent years with his amazing illuminated DJ drumming performances.  This year, for the first time, you’ll be able to see him perform at LightPool Festival!

You can catch him on the Tower Headlands right in front of the Tower!  He will be performing his own versions of popular dance tracks that you can be sure the whole family will be dancing to!  He will be lighting up the promenade with his stunning TREMOR drum kit, which is also a visual DJ rig that he designed and built himself.  This is truly spectacular and not to be missed!




Illuminated Tram Parade

Illuminated trams are a part of Blackpool’s history.  If you’ve been going to see the illuminations since you were a kid, you’ll have fond memories of looking out for the illuminated trams, and you may have even traveled in one of them.

For just one night during the LightPool Festival, you will be able to see Blackpool’s stunning illuminated heritage trams together as they make a procession along the promenade.  This will be the first time all of the illuminated trams have ever travelled in convoy along the promenade.

Look out for the Battleship HMS Blackpool, the Western Train, which is funded by the lottery and the Fisherman’s Friend Trawler.

Make sure that you don’t miss this and have your cameras at the ready!  The trams will be leaving from the Pleasure Beach at 5pm and will be traveling the length of the tramway to Bispham.  They will then return to the Pleasure Beach about 75 minutes later so there will be plenty of opportunities for you to catch the trams in procession.

For the best photo oppotrunities, make sure that you’re around the Blackpool Tower area because the parade will slow down here so that onlookers can get the best photos and videos!

At Central Pier, the procession will be joined by a number of illuminated vehicles as well as colourful costume characters and the Worldbeaters drummers from Spark!

Unfortunately, all tickets for riding the illuminated trams during the parade are now SOLD OUT.

The parade of the illuminated trams will not disrupt the rest of the service along the tramway and you will still be able to travel on the trams.  You can also still travel on the illuminated trams after the parade if you wish.  Tickets will be limited for the evening so you should be aware that passenger spaces are available on a first come first served basis.  If you want to ride on the illuminated trams, you should make sure that you queue at the Blackpool Pleasure Beach tram stop on the 26th.



Sense of Unity

Sense Of Unity

Sense of Unity is an amazing experience that is not to be missed!  Combining the talent of the Spark! percussionists with DUNDU, a large scale, full body German-made illuminated puppet, you’ll be able to follow the band as they march with DUNDU to the beat of their lively and infectious beats.


This new collaboration is awe inspiring and is sure to create quite a scene as it travels through the streets of Blackpool!

Amor by Bilbobasso


Last year’s LightPool Festival saw Bilbobasso, an international company, bring street theatre to Blackpool with fire and passion.  This year, you’ll be able to see them put on a brand new production called ‘Amor’ which is sure to entertain and delight the crowds.  This show will be on the final night of the Festival.


LightPool is not to be missed!  Make sure that you check out the Full Program so that you can make a note of when all the acts are on!