Haunted Blackpool – Illuminations Depot on Rigby Road

There are only a few weeks left of the illuminations this year, which will be running until November 5th.  Today’s ghost story features the old illuminations depot on Rigby Road, where the illuminations were once stored, cleaned and maintained when they were not being used.  Said to be one of the most haunted places in Blackpool, lets take a look at some of the tales that come from this historic building.

Once upon a time, the former illuminations depot was a donkey stable, where the donkeys would retire to after long days at the beach taking children for rides along the sand.

Illuminations Tram outside the old depot that was located on Rigby Road

Similar to the old depot, standing in front of the new illuminations depot at Squires Gate, you’d probably observe how uninspiring the building looks from the outside.  Once inside however, you’d see how unique a place it actually is.  This is where the illuminations are created and maintained. 

It’s not possible to simply purchase illuminations – they’re all bespoke – made especially for the Blackpool illuminations.  Instead of outsourcing this to another part of the country, or even purchasing the units from another country, they’re all planned, designed and made here in Blackpool at the new Lightworks Depot!  All this wouldn’t be possible without the skills of the team of craftsmen and engineers who are employed at the site.

In order to work at the depot, applicants for jobs there have usually held a trade for some time, for example welders or electricians and once working at the depot, they then adapt the skills that they have already learned so that they can work on the illuminations.

Some retro illuminations

Staff working in the old illuminations depot at night that was located on Rigby Road have claimed to have felt unexplained cold spots, heard strange noises and felt a foreboding and heavy presence whilst walking around the building.  The accounts of staff members have prompted paranormal investigators to visit the premises who found the building to be home to the spirit of a man called Ted.  It is believed that Ted once owned a boat and he tragically met his end by drowning whilst at sea.