Food Review – KKD Indian Cuisine

This week, we were lucky enough to be able to review a meal from KKD Indian Cuisine. If you’ve never heard of or tried KKD, you really should. We’ll tell you just why throughout this review, but we were especially intrigued as this is a pre-order takeaway service that promises healthy and authentic homemade Indian food made with love by a mother.

Khaana Khazaana at Dalvi’s or KKD for short is a one of a kind service in Blackpool. Made from scratch and with no additives or artificial colours, Seema who owns this business will carefully prepare and cook your order and deliver it right to your door. As it is cooked from scratch, using authentic Indian cooking methods, you need to give a minimum of 8 hours notice so that the food can be made for you.

You can order with confidence from Seema at KKD Indian cuisine, as her kitchen has received a 5 star hygiene rating – the best an establishment can get!

We made our order with plenty of notice and Seema made sure that she knew how spicy we liked our curry. We asked for a Chicken Tikka starter with Sada Paratha and dips, along with butter chicken and muglai lamb served with a portion of Jeera rice.

We were told our meal would arrive at 6:30pm. It was promptly delivered on time by Seema herself. She is a lovely lady, very friendly and happy, despite having been working hard in her kitchen all day to make us this wonderful takeaway. She clearly loves her job and cares about the personal touch.

On unpacking the takeaway, we were impressed with the clear labelling of the meals. Whilst other local takeaways simply scribble some illegible marker pen across the top of the packaging, each item was carefully labelled so that we knew what everything was. Of course, we could have worked it out, but if we had ordered more for a larger group of people, the clear labelling is perfect for working out what each dish is.

We have to say that everything smelled amazing. It was like all the flavours from each of the individual ingredients were floating around in the air. We couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Of course, we took plenty of pictures for you guys so we hope that you appreciate the time it took us to do this because we had to do our very best not to just get stuck in right away.


So for starters, we had the chicken tikka. Now we’ve had chicken tikka before from other takeaways. You know the stuff. It’s bright red and doesn’t look all that wholesome. Well this chicken tikka was like none other that we’ve ever tasted. It was really good quality chicken breast, really tender and succulent. The tikka flavouring was really tasty too. Not just spicy, but flavoursome with a little kick. We wouldn’t say it’s overly spicy at all. And definitely no artificial colours.

As with all the starters on the menu, the chicken tikka came with 3 dips. These were a mint chutney, Tamarind chutney and mango chutney.

The mint chutney was very unusual for us. It’s not like the mint yoghurt that you’d usually expect, but instead it looks a little like mint sauce. It had a little kick to it, but mainly, we could definitely taste the mint and the coriander.

Will the editor approves!

Again, the tamarind chutney was a little different for us. It uses an ingredient called tamarind, which is little known in English cooking. It comes from a tree that grows in India and Pakistan and is popular for giving flavour to chutneys and sauces. The tamarind chutney itself is a little sweet, a little tangy and has a little spicy kick. It’s light and refreshing whilst being really tasty too.

The mango chutney tasted amazing. Very sweet and refreshing and clearly home made. You can’t get much better than homemade fresh mango chutney to dip your chicken tikka into.


Sada Paratha

We chose the Sada Paratha as a side. This is layered chapatti bread. Like most Blackpool locals, we’re used to having naan bread when we have Indian food, and this was such a wonderful change.

If you are like us and you’ve never had Sada Paratha before, it’s basically an Indian flatbread that you’d eat as you would eat naan bread. Unlike naan bread however, it’s far lighter and easy on the stomach. As the dough is layered, it results in a soft and light bread which is a great accompaniment to the main course and it doesn’t leave you feeling overly full or bloated. We think it’s a great alternative to what we’re used to.

Main Course

Even the baby loved it!

Firstly, we ordered one portion of rice to share between two. Of course, if you really like rice, you may want to order a portion each, but we found that one portion was just enough to be shared between two adults. We opted for the Jeera chawal rice, which is rice cooked with cumin seeds. We found the rice to be cooked to perfection and the cumin gave the rice a lovely aroma and flavour that accompanied our chosen curries perfectly.

Butter Chicken

The butter chicken was probably what really impressed us. It was surprisingly full of flavour and taste and wasn’t in the slightest bit spicy. If you ever want Indian food but you don’t like spicy, we absolutely recommend the butter chicken. It came with large tender pieces of chicken in which were perfectly cooked. The sauce itself was creamy and you could clearly see the herbs and ingredients that Seema had used to give it such a wonderful flavour including chunky cashews! We even let the baby have a taste and she loved it!

Muglai Lamb Masala

We had never even heard of Muglai Lamb masala but again, this was a really enjoyable dish. This is a spicier dish that has a tomato-based sauce. Again, Seema had added plenty of flavours to the curry so that it was really tasty and enjoyable. The lamb was the highlight of this dish for us because it was so beautifully cooked. It fell apart and almost melted in the mouth.




Bottom Line

We’re so glad that Seema asked us to review her beautiful food. We had such a great experience of enjoying homemade and authentic Indian food that has been made using adventurous ingredients. Seema prides herself on making food that is healthy, tasty and homemade and we feel that she really delivers. From her professional yet personal approach to cooking and delivering food orders to the flavours and high quality ingredients that go into her cooking, Seema makes sure that her customers are happy! You definitely won’t be disappointed if you give KKD Indian Cuisine a try!

Upcoming Events

KKD is proud to be hosting a Bollywood Night event on the 13th and 20th of January.  You can find out more by visiting their Facebook Page.