Food Review – Pastel’s Burgers and Shakes

We’d like to introduce you to a brand new feature on the BPL Bible – Over the coming weeks we’ll be contacting local food outlets in order to provide you with a comprehensive food review of takeaways initially, moving onto restaurants in the near future. To begin we thought it would be fitting to approach a NEW local business. Pastels burgers and shakes is new to Blackpool, although it’s been around for a while on the Fylde coast and had already built up a solid reputation among locals. Situated on Cedar/St John’s Square they have been in this location for just over a month and have already made a big impression on Blackpool locals judging by the reviews on their FB page.

We asked if they could recommend what a typical order from their customers consists of. We received no less than buffalo Chicken wings AND chicken breast strips, Halloumi fries, a hot dog, a burger (both with skin-on fries) and 2 milkshakes (non alcoholic although they are licensed for in sales of alcohol).

This was how our food was delivered! It smelled awesome!

Now we were a little sceptical about haloumi fries. We’ve never had them before and to be honest we didn’t know what to expect. We were delighted to find out that haloumi fries have a lovely texture, not soggy but not at all firm – Not too dissimilar to thick cut chips however the taste was so far removed from fries that it’s hard to explain – Creamy, sweet, slightly cheesy.

As it “says on the tin” Pastels specialize in Burgers and Milkshakes. They have a modern but simple menu that caters for those who enjoy a really good burger or hot dog. By hot dog we don’t mean the type that come in a tin from B&M bargains – The hotdog they sent us for review was literally the size of a donkey’s… you get the idea.

The “Snoop” hot dog

This hot dog is called the Snoop, and in this case it really did the bizzle, served on a soft Panini style bun – the hotdog itself was a meaty treat, firm like you’d expect from a decent savaloy. It was more like a cross between a German bratwurst and a king sized hotdog. The texture and flavour of this “dog” was top notch. Served with fresh chillies, siriacha mayo and tasty bacon with cheese it is very tasty indeed.

The Dirty Derek Burger from Pastel’s

Next up we have the Dirty Derek… and despite it’s title this was a very tidy burger. Bacon and cheese are always great choices for burgers and the lime pickled red onion, tomato, maple mustard and BBQ sauce really brought the burger to life. The burger patty itself was very substantial and meaty. 6oz of beefy burger is great comfort food when you’ve had a long day and deserve a rest from cooking.

We tried standard skin on fries and a portion with red salt – fries come with every burger and dog. Whether you like your fries plain or with a little more flavour, you won’t be disappointed. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, they were the perfect accompaniment for the mains.

The shakes were amazing.  If you’re going to be tucking into a similar meal, you’re bound to feel the heat from the chillies.  This is where the shakes became the perfect accompaniment to this tasty takeaway.  We chose a mint aero and millions bubblegum shake.  Both were super tasty and thick.

A substantial feast for 2 people!


We really enjoyed our takeaway from Pastels.  We absolutely recommend it.  OK, it probably won’t help you with your diet, but even if you are dieting, take a treat day – you deserve it!



You can check out Pastel’s Facebook Page hereOr go directly to their website here.