Fire Crews Attend Pizza Luigi Building

Six fire engines accompanied by their crews were called to reports of a fire on Dickson Road in Blackpool today around 2PM.
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On the scene it was clear that they were dealing with what appeared to be a fire in the flats above the pizza shop – from where we were stood it was unclear whether the shop had been affected.


Police attended to close off the road and ensure traffic was diverted around the scene.

Fire crews were still on the scene some time after 4PM however it’s thought that the fire had been contained well in advance.

In the picture below you can see what appears to be smoke damage on the inside of the flat’s windows.

It appeared that the incident was quickly brought under control

One man was pulled from the building by fire crews and handed over to paramedics who arrived on scene just 11 minutes after the fire crews called for assistance. The man was believed to be suffering from the effect of smoke inhalation.

Fire crews used 3 water jets to bring the fire under control.

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