Fire and rescue practice on big wheel

Rescue teams from Lancashire fire and rescue have been taking the opportunity today to conduct some high access training.

Following the retrieval of a man’s body from a chimney in Carlisle – members of the rescue and rope access teams have been honing their skills in Blackpool today.

Earlier rope access team members conducted a drill whereby 2 training dummy’s were rescued from the centre spindle of the big wheel.

Fire fighters then completed a second drill emulating a rescue from the top carriage of central piers big wheel.

Some of the offices involved in today’s training session were also in attendance at last month’s Carlisle recovery and were keen to keep their skills in good order.

We spoke with one of the firefighters resting outside who explained that the team had recently climbed a 260ft wind turbine in Lancaster – had climbed the tower recently and they were taking advantage of the central pier structure whilst the attraction is quiet.