Election Results See a Change in Blackpool South

The results are in for the general election 2019 and it seems that the Torys have taken the country by storm, including Blackpool. So how do things look for Blackpool and just how do the statistics look for local voters?

The sun sets on Blackpool and Another General Election

Across the country, the turnout for voters was just 67.3%. This was 1.4% less than the previous general election. But Blackpool’s turnout was even lower with just 56.6% turnout for Blackpool South. Blackpool North and Cleveleys had a 61.1% turnout.

Scott Benton – New MP for Blackpool South

In Blackpool South, Scott Benton of the Conservative Party took the lead with a 3,690 majority, defeating long-time local Labour cock MP Gordon Marsden. Marsden had been labour MP for the town for 22 years and was the first person to win a Labour seat for the area.

Mr Benton is planning on reopening Blackpol airport to serve commercial flights once again, which was one of his main commitments during his campaign. Marsden is reported to have expressed that it had been a “huge privilege” to have been able to represent the town since 1997.

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His efforts have contributed to such local regeneration projects as The Blackpool Tower, Wintergardens, SureStart and the Tramway. Benton acknowledged Marsden’s work over the past 2 decades and has pledged to be a full time MP for the people of Blackpool.

He claimed that despite the seemingly Brexit fuelled Conservative choice for UK voters, he was elected for his party’s economic record and not just because of Brexit. Meanwhile, Conservative Party MP Paul Maynard retained his seat for Blackpool North and Cleveleys.

Paul Maynard MP Retains his seat In Backpool North and Cleveleys

Both MPs have expressed their commitment to building Blackpool’s economy as a main priority. The focus for the nation seemed to centre around Brexit, which has a current deadline of January 31st following the failure of the government to meet previous deadlines.


If you’re interested in the figures for the number of votes for each candidate, you can find that below:

Blackpool South – turnout 56.9%

Scott Benton – Conservative- 16,247

Gordon Marsden – Labour – 12,557

David Brown – Brexit – 2,009

Bill Greene – Lib Dem – 1,008

Becky Daniels – Green Party – 563

Gary Coleman – Independent – 368

Blackpool North and Cleveleys – turnout – 61.1%

Paul Maynard – Conservative – 22,364

Chris Webb – Labour – 13,768

Sue Close – Lib Dem – 1,494

Duncan Royle – Green Party – 735

Neil Holden – Independent – 443