Security beefed up for “Squid Game Live”

Company Creating Live Squid Game Experiences Forced To Step Up Security

A new live event that pays tribute to the hit Netflix show Squid Game is coming to the North West this November. Universal Ents, the company behind live theatrical touring shows such as ‘The Greatest Show’, and producers of live drive in show company ‘Safe Events’ have been forced to hire SIA security staff to search contestants taking part in their events that pay tribute to the smash hit ‘Squid Game’.

Squid Game Live is an immersive experience, where up to 40 contestants compete head to head for the chance of winning a cash prize by competing in various intense challenges. There will 5 rounds that players will take part in, some influenced by the show that has taken the world by storm.

Max Fox, creative director said “we want to make sure our experiences are safe, but still as riveting as the games seen on the Netflix Smash ‘Squid Game’, but due to the violent nature of the hit show, we want to be cautious that the events don’t attract unstable people.”

The award winning director, did go on to say that the contestants will have to sign ‘medical disclosures’ to be sure they are medically fit to take part in the games that contain a variety of mental and physical challenges.

Potential contestants are asked to call 01325 777843, where they will receive instructions of how to apply to take part or go directly to the website to apply. Alongside live actors, multiple games and challenges, the winner of the game will be given a chance of walking away with a cash prize of at least £500.

Contestants will be picked up by coach from a meeting point in North West England, where they will be taken to a remote location to participate in the challenges. Live actors will also attend the events to add an extra layer of fear to the games – although the producer wanted to stress that nobody would get hurt. “This is a pain free experience.

There will be no paintballs, guns or otherwise, but don’t be afraid of getting wet!” Contestants will all be provided with a uniform to wear during their experience, and will be fed what the director describes as a ‘hearty meal’. There will also be some live scenes that parody the series – although the producers don’t want to give too much away. “We want to make the games as realistic as possible, without the risk of injury.

Some of our games you won’t have seen before, but there needs to be an element of surprise and mystery so people really don’t know what they’re letting themselves in for”.

Players are asked to fill in their details at, where they will receive further instructions.

First event takes place 27th November 2021

Phone number 01325 777843

Price £45pp



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