Blackpool’s Got Talent!

Meet this local lad called Sam. He’s just 15 years old and already, he’s proving that Blackpool definitely does have talent by dancing his way to success!

Around 4 years ago, Sam took to YouTube to learn some dance moves. In no time, he was showing promise and with the help of his supportive family, he attended many dance classes, starting with two local Blackpool dance schools before eventually moving on to attend classes all over Lancashire. His skills in Hip Hop dance in particular gained him plenty of praise and encouragement from his teachers, and he’s already competing at an International level!

During the Easter holidays when most lads his age would be hanging out with their mates, Sam was attending the IDO UK dance championships where he secured a position to represent the UK in Copenhagen this coming October. In this dance competition, he beat competitors across the UK to take the winning title for the Hip Hop and Electric Boogaloo categories. Not content with being a winner for the IDO UK competitions, Sam has also entered the Dance Show Live competition and will be competing in the finals on the 27th of August in Glasgow!

You may have seen Sam performing at various dance events around the local area, including the Lytham Proms!  On August 19th, he can be found on the Comedy Carpet on the Tower Headlands helping out at a family dance event.  Everyone is welcome to go along to enjoy the music and dance instruction.

Sam hopes to turn his talent for dancing into an international success with big ambitions to take his dancing over to the US. Eventually, he plans on investing in Blackpool so that he can help other local youngsters to realise their dreams and reach their full potential.

Despite having such a busy dance schedule and trying to fit in all his homework for school, Sam still does his best to raise money so that he can pay for some of his lessons. He has managed to get himself a job at Stanley Scamps doing the washing up after this after school club. He’s also represented Blackpool in athletics before giving it up to concentrate more on his dancing.

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If you really want to give sam a boost – you could help us in raising some much needed money to get him to his competition in Copenhagen. We’ve set up a Just Giving Page to make this easy for you to directly support this talented local youngster!!