Queen Street Improvements 2020

It seems that since the beginning of Lock-down – different areas of the town have been closed off for portions of time to allow road works and re-surfacing and other renovations to be carried out.

One of these sections of street has recently been re-opened without much ceremony at all – so we thought we should take the opportunity to inspect the area while it’s still pretty much brand new.


The mini roundabout opposite the library and entrance to the former jobcentre (now vacant) is absent. This means that priority is now given to cars travelling from Talbot road along Abingdon street.

There are much larger well marked out bus stops – busses have previously been stopping in this area but these stops are much bigger and give more of a feel of a transport hub outside the grundy art gallery.

Their remain a number of parking bays along the road including some disabled only parking bays bays directly opposite the library. The resurfacing of this section of Queen Street is part of a much lager project to improve the face of Blackpool’s streets.

The council’s website has a page detailing the larger project to improve our streets which has been ongoing since 2017

“A £7m project is underway to give some of Blackpool’s key roads a facelift to make streets more welcoming and shops more vibrant. The project began in January 2017 with upgrade works to Church Street. Since then we have also visited Talbot Road, Dickson Road,  Cookson Street and Bispham Village.

The works include resurfacing the roads, improving pavements and crossings, adding more benches, bins and cycle parking.” – Blackpool Council.

“Work is expected to take place between January 2020 and Summer 2020 in the following areas:

  • Topping Street between January and June 2020 in three phases
  • Abingdon Street, Queen Street and Dickson Road between January and May 2020.

Some of the new features will include:

  • Resurfaced footpaths and roads with better quality materials
  • New trees
  • Bins and street furniture
  • Better paving at crossings with technology and sensors to help blind and partially sighted people
  • New public art

For more information on any temporary road closures, see our road closures page.

To find out more about Blackpool’s regeneration, visit the making Blackpool better page.


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