Just 5 quid – Blackpool Local Advertising

Local business is vitally important.

We’re on a mission to create a thriving local business community, helping people to buy locally and support small independent shop / business owners in Blackpool like you. We can do this for just £5 a week. Let us tell you how.

That’s where The BPL Bible comes in.

Over the past 7 years We’ve taken the time to understand the concerns and drawbacks that local businesses face in their marketing efforts; so that we can create something to help businesses grow and prosper – despite those setbacks.

Here’s how the BPL Bible can help.

Local Marketing

By using our local marketing network of over 85,000 followers and subscribers, you can ensure that your marketing approach goes directly to the customers nearest to you. Many businesses focus on being visible online, which is great for brand awareness, but if your business is being seen across the other side of the world and you’re a local shop, realistically – it won’t bring you any new local business.

The BPL Bible is designed to allow small businesses to target the local area which can increase conversion rates and engagement from our local audience. Many of our readers actively try to support smaller, independent businesses, and we’re here to help you get your business in front of them.

We’ll include your business in local publications each week, promotions across our social media channels, and more, for just £5 a week.

We’ll use what you’ve got online already to help us shape your ads, All you need to do is what you’re good at.

Business Community

A good business community is important for any local area. With many large businesses growing and thriving, the local business communities are starting to struggle, making it harder for small business owners.

We want to help small business owners and break this mould.

With our local advertising, not only will you be in front of your ideal customers, in the right geographical area, but it helps to grow your business name amongst others in the area. If people hear good things about your business because your brand is active on social media, and they’re local to you, the chances of them becoming a customer of yours increase significantly, helping you grow your business.

We’re proud to support local, and we want to support your business.

Our Offer

We’re offering the ability to become recognised in a growing local business community and be seen by your ideal, local customers, for just £5 per week.

We know that smaller businesses don’t put their money into a third holiday home; it goes into swimming lessons and putting food on the table.

We want to help our local business owners to support their families and run their businesses without a large marketing budget. The BPL Bible utilises the Blackpool News network to help you engage with the online Blackpool community we’ve nurtured over the past 6 years, building awareness for your business and helping you grow.

For just £5 per week, you’ll get:

  • One advert in a published article each week
  • One promotion across all our BPL Bible social media channels each week
  • Greater exposure across the Blackpool and Fylde Coast up to 100K online followers
  • Guidance and support from our social media team, Marketers and Webmasters.

Our passion is to support local businesses like yours, which is why we’re offering all of the above for just £5 per week. Be quick though – once your industry is signed up, we’ll lock it in to avoid any conflict of interest!

Our first signup

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If you’re sure you want to sign up – contact BPL APP for more info.