Naked Man Wreaks Havoc on Pier

Brighton Pier closed while streaker apprehended

A streaker eluded police and security guards causing the pier to close to the public early yesterday evening.

11/06/2019 – Written By: WILL RITCHIE, EDITOR

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The Brighton Beach-goer in the Buff was spotted jumping from roof to roof staying well clear of the security down below eyeing him up for the tackle.

According to witnesses – after falling into the sea and being rescued by a coastguard boat – the streaker hopped out of the boat and proceeded to scale the pier a second time.

Stunned onlooker Ben Johnson, who managed to take a picture of the man, said: “I was shocked, it’s my first time in Brighton and It’s a Tuesday.

“The naked man was running around the pier.

“He jumped onto Horatio’s bar roof, then on the dolphin derby roof.”

Police and fire service personnel were attending to contain the chap who was scaling both under and over the pier.

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At one point when the nudey man was underneath the pier – rescuers were attempting to lift the boards to coax him out.

Mr Johnson added: “Now he’s under the pier, coastguard, police, fire service and ambulance service on scene.”

A Police spokesman said: “We received the call at 7.30pm.

“The man was seen running across the tops of roofs on Brighton Pier.

“He then jumped into the water.

“We are attending as well as the coastguard and fire service.”

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