Hubby to be scuppers hen do

Bride to be in hubby luggage plot.

A Bride to be suffered a small amount of embarrassment after her hubby packed her a surprise in her suitcase while she was off on her hen do abroad with friends.

13/06/2019 – Written By: WILL RITCHIE, EDITOR
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Instead of opening her suitcase to find her swimming suits and bikinis – this lady found a personalised gift from her Groom to be.

The new costume she was greeted with can only be described as surreal – a full body sized picture of her fella’s face was printed on the only cossie she had left in her bag.

We’re pretty sure some of her other mates helped out with some swimwear and we know for a fact they all had a good laugh about it as this photo was sent to us by one of the hens.

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