Man proposes to Doctor by hijacking a Disney Movie

Heartwarming proposal effort

This heartwarming story is like something out of a Disney movie… A real life romeo got down on one knee in front of his cardiologist girlfriend and asked her to be his wife.

Unbeknown to the bride to be – this cunning stunt was orchestrated by her devious boyfriend WITH prior knowledge being given to the Doctor’s friends and family who were in the small cinema screen to witness the happy moment.

Next Level Proposal

The proposal is genuinely next level and would leave any Disney fan speechless – as the Doctor proclaims to be during the actual proposal part.

Happily the bride to be said yes but if she had said no after all that effort we would have had the most epic fail video. It’s not always cool to mock people for their failures though as our sponsor knows too well.

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The savvy Would be Groom (lee Loechler) even has the on screen prince charming (who happens to look somewhat similar to our real life prince) actually appear to throw the ring from the screen to his hand as he stands up dramatically in the theatre.


A+ for effort all round

The Chap also managed to worm in a few heart related puns for the cardiac Doctor whilst he was proposing the union to her. The dad jokes will be strong in this one…

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