Is The Information That Your Children Post Safe On The Internet?


Have you got Children? Are your kids on the Internet?
Privacy is a massive concern for parents – and kids these days want to sign up to every service their smartphone will allow them to have.
It’s not always easy to say NO to your child – you want to be their best friend but sometimes that means making hard choices for the. That’s every parents job and you don’t have to like your best friend every day.
Having a simple meaningful conversation about why the internet is dangerous can often be met with resistance from a know it all teen – but they only assume to know everything because the bigger wider world uses language and terms that are still alien to them at that young age.

Reading Terms and Conditions is NOT cool. Unless it’s in terms they can understand.

Simplified Just For You

We’ve found a great article by a lawyer who has simplified the terms and conditions of Instagram so that parents AND children alike can understand what it is they are signing up for. Once you read it you’ll think twice about keeping your accounts.

In A Nutshell

They basically own everything you upload – we pretty much know this already. They can do pretty much anything they like to your free service including taking your username for no reason – deleting your pictures/memories for no reason, terminating the service without notice. They will advertise to you all the time without you necessarily knowing that what you are seeing is an advert.
The list goes on and on. Have a read for yourself. Click Here to read the full article.