Standard Advertising Terms (boosted ad)

These are the standard terms for our self service boosted ad 

You acknowledge that you are duly authorised by the company you are representing to enter into an agreement with us and make payments as such.

You are responsible for supplying any artwork or video files which must not exceed 1gb in size and consist of .jpg .JPEG .png .pdf .mp4 .mov.avi .3gp  

You hereby indemnify the bpl bible against any loss incurred due to any processing or typographical errors on your behalf.

We will use the text and media you supply us with to automatically generate a post on our FB page which will be published as soon as a moderator approves it. Usually within 4 hours or published the next business day 9am.

You must make it clear in your text that the message is being written about a third party company. Your post will appear as written and published by the bpl bible so your message must be written appropriately. Write about your company and offer in the third person perspective – ie johns footwear is holding a 20% off sale next week – click the link below for more information… instead of ie we are having a sale next week – 20% off footwear.

You indemnify the BPL Bible against any claim you make thereof the BPL Bible within your submitted text that people act upon and cause any issue with the local trading standards or any legal organisation – ie if you write in your advert that the bpl bible will offer some service (by mistake or maliciously) or don’t make it clear that you are a third party business and the BPL Bible is issued with any demand or invoice for goods or service or claim resulting from your text – you will without hesitation meet and such promise or amount within 7 days of reciept of information and will add reasonable compensation at the rate of £25 per hour to the BPL Bible for any time spent addressing issues that result from errors on your part and 10% processing fee of any figure demanded by a third party for damages or otherwise.

You acknowledge that your offer must stand and be compliant with the terms and conditions of your local trading standards authority.

You indemnify the BPL Bible against any expenses that occur from unsatisfied customers resultant from our campaign. 

Once the campaign has ended we will compile a report on the performance of the campaign and the total spend and we will also advise you of our best advice on options moving forward. This communication will be sent to the email address you provide us with.

You authorise us to use and store your information in accordance with the Data Protection act and GDPR and you will allow us to use your information to contact you about your advertising campaign and further options by phone email or text message. We will store your information securely in a database on our servers and a backup of this information is kept by our data controller William Ritchie.