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We know that people like to be able to read the news quickly – unrestricted from paywalls – free from limited weekly viewing and other tactics that bigger news organisations have tried to FORCE readers to pay for the news – whilst advertising on it at the same time.

People could see that as taking 2 slices of the pie. That’s why we always want our basic content to be free to our readers. It’s just easier.

BUT the news doesn’t come for free… Well QUALITY news doesn’t.

We want to deliver the best local content possible to our readers / viewers – Whether that be news – lifestyle – business or entertainment news – we think locals deserve the BEST.

We already know that each local article we publish will be read by at least 2000 people in the first few days But it will reach more people on social media. We have been able to test this in the past and can demonstrate the figures to prove it. But the more we publish – the more we reach. It is a simple formula that we’ve been working on for the past 5 years.


Just like any other business – the BPL Bible has overheads.

  • We regularly send one of 3 photographers / Videographers out to report and find news.
  • We have freelance writers to write for us.
  • We have web administrators who keep our website working.
  • We have graphic designers to produce images and graphics for us.
  • We have researchers who feed us information from local sources and social media channels.
  • We have social media managers who manage our channels for us.
  • We have group admins who keep our groups in shape for us.
  • We have associated transport and other costs including paying for chartered accounts at the end of the year.
  • We have subscriptions for software and other professional services that we require.
  • We have insurance to pay for despite not having a fixed business premises that we operate from.
  • We need to pay to keep our equipment up to date and serviceable.

We need to find a sustainable way to keep all this going and pay the team members fairly for their contributions.

That’s why we need YOU to sponsor one of our articles for £14 per week or month, depending what your budget will allow for.

It would really help us if you can sponsor an article weekly but don’t worry if you can’t we can still offer you something.

  • We entirely produce the article and take the pictures ensuring that we’ve done our job completely and professionally.
  • We make 3 ads which will go into each article.
  • You also get a logo brand on our featured image each that article which will show through on social media shares of the article too.
  • These ads can be for your business or social profile or you can choose to donate them to a charity or community organisation – it’s your sponsorship – do with it what you wish.
  • We can include a direct web link in each ad – to your website, social media or even to a buy now page. As long as it’s compliant with UK law – you can put whatever you want into our article’s 3 ad positions same 3 ads or 3 different it’s up to you….
  • Sponsor it for your mate’s business, your kid’s tik-tok or YouTube channel or your mate’s ann summers group on Facebook – anything on the net or with an address or phone number… the possibilities are endless as long as you have the permission of the subject being advertised it’s al cool 🙂

Just who do you think you are?

To be honest – we’re The BPL Bible LTD.

We’re a 6 year old news and media outlet based in Blackpool. We have a team of 7 volunteers who currently keep the bile going and we also use freelancers from time to time to help us out when required. We serve the people of Blackpool – currently – for free and plan to continue this for many years to come – creating a NEW MEDIA BRAND FOR BLACKPOOL’S LOCALS BY BLACKPOOL LOCALS.

Ok – we get it – Maybe you don’t know enough about The BPL Bible team to trust us yet – we’re a relatively small organisation BUT we’ve got a substantial local following. We’ve been doing this for just about 6 years and we are a trusted / contracted news source to one of the largest news and media publishing groups in the UK.

We’ve worked with countless local community organisations and charities over that time and have also helped to publicise many many local businesses especially start-ups.

We’ve got a track record of directly helping in the local community and have never found our selves in any controversy for anything we’ve published.

Honestly – as a news and media outfit – we’re on the up and squeaky clean. And if you want to see evidence of this – contact us directly and we will be more than happy to demonstrate any of these claims to you.

If you combine the reach of all our media assets you’re talking about a really big monthly cross section of the local population most quiet weeks in excess of 250,000 – this week in excess of 800K – our best ever week was 8 Million reach – MORE than enough to compete with more established local media brands at a fraction of the cost due to the massively lower overheads we have.

As with any advertising opportunity – we can’t guarantee results. All advertising is a game of risk as you will understand no doubt. And we’re not guaranteeing results overnight either – we recommend you advertise little and often for as long as you can in order to build confidence in your brand locally as being consistent.

This sponsorship opportunity is great for increasing brand awareness in the local area – or to highlight a special offer or online purchasing campaign you may be running. There are 3 perfect position for a cal to action of some sort – and we don’t mind our readers bailing on their article to loks t your offer – it’s what this platform was designed for. The readers will always find their way back to us = but if they find you along the way we’ve done our job.

And we can monitor the usefulness of our ads by ensuring we use trackable links in order to let you know just how many people have visited you from you sites. This can help us if you choose to take marketing consultation advice from us regarding your campaigns but you’re not obligated to do so.

If you’re ready to go ahead – click pay now and on the following payment pop up – select how man weeks you would like to pay for in advance.

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