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Thanks for taking the time to read about this new Sponsorship opportunity.

We’ve just launched a new way for local businesses like yours to team up with Our group of local citizen journalists in order to deliver a good quality local news service.

Sponsor an Article

We write and publish content for our website daily. We are using google ad code to make some revenue from our efforts but we have always had local businesses in mind. As such we are offering a simple way for local businesses to gain extra exposure by showing their support for our local brand and writers by sponsoring articles.

For sponsoring an article your company/brand will receive

  • 2 image links (ads) in the body of the article
  • a text link at the beginning of the article (Click HERE for an example Article)
  • The images will feature your brand, your offer or marketing image
  • All sponsor positions will link directly to your social media or website.
  • The article will be publicised on all our social media outlets as well as to our regular website subscribers.
  • Please read further for more details or skip to the bottom to order now.

Supporting Local Businesses & Writers

The sponsorship model involves a local writer selecting a piece to write from our list of relevant local articles that we are adding to daily.

We match the content of the article to a relevant sponsor from our pool of supporting businesses like yours and we put the elements together on our publishing platform and social media sites to give your business maximum exposure for participation.


£20 Article Sponsorship

We've agreed that £20 per article is a fair price point to start this deal. As the brand grows the price will naturally follow suit -

  • it represents great value for the amount of actual local exposure in terms of brand recognition
  • enables a fair price to be paid to a local writer for their work
  • Our website users are already on their web browser so are more likely to click through to your site versus a standard social media campaign.
  • Your Ads will remain on your article indefinitely and we wont feature another business from your sector within 3 days of your article being published.

Ideally we're looking for 12 sponsors covering all sectors of the local marketplace to become Monthly sponsors for £100 each.

£100 Monthly Sponsorship Deal

The £100 per month deal includes 6 sponsored articles per month (1 extra per month in terms of an incentive) with your brand/business featured in the same style on each article.

To order this deal please pay for 5x £20 deals and indicate on the completion form that you wish to feature monthly instead of 5 times in total. We will contact you about further payments.

More about the Sponsored Position

We generally start the article with a thankyou to the sponsor in text form including a hyperlink to your website or social media.

  • We then include a banner type image (see image below) to bring the readers attention to your brand as they read through the article
  • We then present a further full sized square image containing your brand and/or offer before the end of the written piece.
  • Links to your own website or Facebook page can be included on all the images and in the text for maximum traffic / click-through rate

The sponsors must must operate a compliant, reputable local businesses who are proud to be locally focused.

You can find the first example of one of these articles by clicking HERE...  (below is an example of a banner image.)

If you would like to support local grassroots journalism by becoming one of our article sponsors - order now using the button below.

select the amount you require or if you would like the monthly - select X5 and indicate Monthly on the order form after the payment page.

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Many Thanks for reading and supporting The BPL Bible

Kind Regards

Will Ritchie

You can contact us at localbusinessteam@thebplbible.co.uk
or call us during standard office hours on 07747 370 709.

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