Our Advertisers

We want to keep our website free to read and free from pop ups or forced sign ups. In order to help us deliver more quality content we will be partnering with more local businesses who will be sponsoring or advertising in our website and social media content.

If you would like to know more about how to sponsor our content contact BPL APP for more info.

We have been providing a free local news and media service for the past 6 years and have paid all associated admin and website costs. We have also set up and spent time administrating various groups on facebook that form a vital part of our network. Without future support from advertisers we should not be able to expand the range of services we provide.

In Youtube land they call their supporters Patrons – Here we’re calling our Patrons Sponsors. They each pay £5 a week for the same publicity package. It’s fair and it means we can spend more time on news instead of trying to blag new customers to keep spending loads and loads with us each week…

Below is a list in order of the Sponsors we currently have with us. If you would like to add your business to this list please click HERE

  1. Bedrock Pizza

  2.  Maid To Plaster

    Local Plastering Contractor
  3. Alpha Car Collections

  4. Hermosa Boutique

  5. Could Be You

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