Train Delays Due To Debris Dumped On Tracks

Following the rail strikes on Saturday, further delays have been experienced this weekend by passengers attempting to travel by train between Blackpool and Preston due to debris being left deliberately on the railway tracks.

British Transport police had been notified last night of ballast being deliberately placed on the train tracks.  Two separate reports were made about the debris on the tracks and the police had confirmed that as well as ballast, pumpkins had also been scattered on the tracks the previous evening too.

The police had to establish what the train had hit in the dark as it was late into the evening when they received the report.  Whilst they were ensuring that the tracks were once again safe for transportation, journey goers had long delays.

Patrols have since been stepped up in the area where the incidents had occurred.

Remember that it is very dangerous to venture onto the railway tracks and leaving things on the track not only causes delays for passengers but it can also cause accidents too.