Something Spooky For October

Today is the last day of September.  That means that it’s officially time to wake up that guy from Green Day whilst dusting off the spooky Halloween outfit (maybe leave some cobwebs for effect though!).

We want to bring you guys something really interesting to follow throughout the month of October.  The nights are getting longer, you’ve probably just had to turn your heating on and now you’ve got to think about how many layers you need to wear to stop yourself from freezing when you venture out.  We see it as our duty to help the Fylde Coast beat the October blues by really getting into the mood for Halloween all the way through the month.

These days, you can find countless supernatural programs on TV, some more convincing than others, and whilst everyone has their own beliefs when it comes to the spooky supernatural, we think that it’s still pretty exciting to hear about those ghost stories, especially when they’re in our own home town!

Whether you’re a believer or not, make sure you keep an eye out for our posts on The BPL Bible facebook page to find out all about the spooky apparitions and encounters across the Fylde Coast.  Even if you’re an absolute sceptic and still wouldn’t believe in the Paranormal if a ghost ran up to you and slapped you in the face, you’ll still find our articles interesting, as we plan to uncover the history surrounding some of the oldest locations around the Fylde Coast.