Profiting from giving lifts Illegal

Bold Claims

Articles have been published today in 3 national newspapers and their online counterparts explaining that making money from giving lifts will now be higher on the priority list of poole and dorset police. 
The article comes across as though a new national ban is coming into force but the fact of the matter is that this practice has always been illegal.

The articles very carefully skirt around the issue of friends giving lifts for a small donation toward petrol “probably being ok” however anyone seen advertising for lifts on social media or operating as a quasi taxi service ie making more than the cost of the petrol – could face up to a £2500 fine if caught for operating an illegal taxi service.

Operating fake taxis is illegal

Invalid Insurance – Big Fine

The articles then go on to describe how if one was involved in a collision whilst carrying paying passengers – then the insurance policy for the vehicle would be invalidated and the driver would face charges for driving without insurance and operating as an illegal taxi.

Some parents on Facebook have spoken of their confusion about this information that appears to be new only being reported 2 hours ago online.

Generic confused parent 

Our Assessment

Our assessment of the situation is this.
Poole and dorset police will be looking into anyone offering lifts on social media.
It remains illegal to operate an illegal taxi service ie giving lifts for profit.
You can still sign up to lift sharing services as long as you are only recieving a fair contribution towards the petrol cost and nothing else. It would be wise to only offer lifts on journeys that you would be taking already as opposed to going out of your way for someone – just in case this casts doubt on your intentions.

We’re happy to clear up the confusing headlines that are probably created just to get more revenue from insurance company advertisers (yes with the papers themselves hosting a car insurance ad video on the same page targeted at first time drivers)