Poppy Tin Thief in Cleveleys

A poppy tin thief in Cleveleys has been caught on CCTV footage taking a poppy appeal collection that the manager states was more than half full with £1 coins, charity money raised by the pub and tips donated by staff members… We also know that the tin contained £40 in notes put in from the pubs own charity fund.

Poppy thief checks to see if the coast is clear

The “tin” was found by a local in a back street who returned it to the British Legion who then alerted the Manager of the pub. After painstakingly trawling through the footage – not knowing when the thief had struck – Brian Jenkinson, 52 – Manager of The Dickens Inn in Cleveleys saw that the incident occurred on Saturday.

Caught in the act

Brian – who is known well by the Editor, has been known locally as a Landlord for many years. He’s also been a keen supporter of the poppy appeal ran by the royal british legion. Brian was appalled to be told by a member of the local Legion that the tin had been handed in to them empty.

Staff at both the pub and the legion (just over the road from the pub) were all shocked and sickened at the idea someone could see fit to steal money given to the fallen. This has pretty much been the reaction from many people who have commented on the few shares of the same video doing the rounds on social media. This video has now been picked up by Sky News, BBC Lancashire and many other national news outlets. 

So far we’ve not seen anything from Lancashire Constabulary about this however in an article released by the daily mail they state ”

They (The police) have not formally identified anyone in relation to the theft and the investigation is ongoing. 

Anyone with any information is asked to contact police on 101 quoting the reference number WD170 7381.”

The thief in action.

The EDL (FB page) got wind of this and issued a threat to the male who has been identified by many locals on the original video.

Door Staff from Blackpool are also keen to have a word with this young male – A post was seen from a local doorstaff facebook group which we can’t re-post here – we’ll let you figure out why…
From further afield – FB famous doorperson Liam Tuffs has uploaded a scathing rant about the thief on his Facebook page. Adding that he’d offer a weeks work to the lad to teach him some respect – unpaid of course.

Liam Tuffs offers a tough job

If you have any information on this individual or YOU can identify him from the photos or video – please get in touch with the police. Now.

We also encourage you to take a trip to The Dickens Inn in Cleveleys, buy a drink – have a chat with the landlord – leave a few quid in the new collection tin… 


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