Mosh Nosh

We were invited to the Waterloo Music Bar last weekend to try one of the Burgers from Mosh Pit Burgers who operate the kitchen in the venue. The pub itself is well known for it’s rock music roots so calling the burger franchise “mosh pit” is the perfect way to embody the two brands.

Bringing music and food together was the brainchild of 2 local band members – Ric Hulme – Frontman of Eye the Bomb and Jay Devine from Black Eddy. Jay has previously worked at both Bootleg AND West Coast Rock Café and is very familiar with the inside of the kitchen. These lads wanted to fuse great tastes and awesome sounds together in Blackpool’s number 1 live music venue and they have certainly done that.

When we arrived the pub was well presented and just getting going for the evening session – there were plenty of tables available including the ones in the baking sun outside the pub. Within minutes of ordering – the meal was served. I was offered a pint of their house “mosh pit lager” but on this occasion refused as I was driving to another job after the review.

Getting right down to the nitty gritty – this meal was all locally arranged, the mince and buns sourced from a local butcher and baker, the burgers patties made in house and the locally sourced potatoes were chipped in their unique style in house too. These chips are honestly not to be missed, half way between a wedge and a fry, you’ll be more than pleasantly surprised with both taste and texture.

Authenticity is the key to the success of this local business who have managed to make some great impressions in such a short space of time. Open only at weekends – the venture has been operating on a simple menu since they opened their kitchen to the public but this weekend their new extended menu will be launched.

The standard “pit” burger was a juicy and tasty affair, the brioche bun was soft and fresh, the burger succulent and cooked perfectly and the cheese was perfectly suited to the taste of the burger. Using Monterey jack cheese was a brilliant touch and if you’ve tried the cheese before you know it has it’s own unique taste which sets this particular burger off right.

Not satisfied with just the norm – the lads have not only tailored a burger for the vegans out there BUT they are also experimenting with CBD oil in sauces. Their spicy sweet potato wedges come with a CBD oil sauce – CBD is known as the non psycho active ingredient in cannabis which many people report to help them with conditions ranging from pain management to anxiety. True pioneers of their craft these chaps will have a bash at anything..

Ric is also long time friends with Local DJ Russ “Man On Wax” Billington whose newest venture “Burgerhain” will be offering the mosh pit burgers for sale. Russ wanted to create his own brand of music themed food for sale from his catering van at festivals and in general so approaching the mosh pit lads was a no-brainer for him. (burgerhain was featured in mix mag this week)

Mosh Pit Burgers are served at the waterloo pub AND available for delivery from 7PM Thursdays until 10:30 and then from Friday lunch time until Sunday evening it’s standard opening hours. Why not have a FAT FRIDAY at your workplace and order the burgers to be delivered to your desk.. Contact the lads in the kitchen on 07833 697559 OR through their FB page for bookings and enquiries.

We know you’ll be very happy with the food on offer and we can’t wait for the invite back to sample the full menu.