It’s Official, Britain Has Finally Brexit-ed – So What Now?

Well, it’s official – the UK has finally left the European Union.

After what seems like a millennium of waiting, the UK has finally formally ended it’s membership to the European Union at 11pm GMT 31st January 2020.

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In Downing Street, a projection of a clock counting down the final minutes marked the occasion.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that this is the dawn of a New Era. he promised that there will be a real national renewal following the UK’s membership of the European Union for the past 47 years.

Now that part of the Brexit Saga has finally come to an end, the next chapter is just around the corner.



What will change now that we are no longer part of the EU?

For a while, the answer to that question will be nothing. there is a transition period for 11 months where the EU rules will still apply to the UK. in 11 months time, we will see the changes starts to happen but until then we won’t see anything different at all.

All of the trade agreements and rules about goods and services will remain and freedom of movement for people will also remain the same. the EU’s top Court will also still have full power in the UK.

What will be different is that the European Parliament will not allow British voices to be heard anymore. there will be no British Minister’s attending EU meetings anymore where big decisions are made for the EU. the UK will instead attempt to make a different economic partnership with the EU and will also need to make new agreements with other countries beyond that.

What does it mean for you as an individual?

For anyone who holds British nationality, that will mean that you are no longer an EU citizen. you will still be able to travel around the EU just as before for now. the same applies to EU citizens who live in the UK.

Following the 11 month transition period which the UK has been reassured will finish on the 31st of December this year ( we know not to rely on these promises by now though), rules about immigration will change for EU and UK citizens.

EU citizen settlement scheme

If you are one of the 3.5 million EU nationals who are living in the UK, you will have until June 2021 to make your application for the EU settlement scheme. the deadline for this will change however if there is no deal on future ties.

There are also 1.3 million UK citizens who live in the EU. They may find that they need to apply for resident status too.

For UK citizens, it will cost £6.34 to apply for a visa if you wish to travel to the EU in future. this will allow you to travel to the EU for up to 90 days. this is in line with other countries such as America where you need to apply for a visa to visit.

Immigration will probably also change too, the UK is planning to have a points-based immigration system which will apply to anyone who wishes to move to the UK whether they are from the EU or elsewhere. similar schemes are already in operation in other parts of the world such as America and Australia.

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What is happening right now?

For the next 11 months, the UK and the EU will work together to try and negotiate a new relationship. the EU has little faith that 11 months is enough time to negotiate the deals that the UK needs to make, but Boris Johnson is determined that he will carry out his promise. the plan is to create a free trade agreement that will lay out among other things, the terms of employment standards, trade and environmental rules between the UK and the EU.

One thing is for sure that the next 11 months will be crucial for the UK. the EU’s chief Brexit Negotiator Michael Barnier has said this week however that” whatever agreement we reach on our future relationship karma Brexit will always be a matter of damage limitation.”