Haunted Blackpool – Carleton Crematorium

Carleton Crematorium was opened on July 18th 1936.  There are many deceased locals who are buried there. including some famous people too.  These include Violet Carson who was a Coronation Street actress, comedian Jimmy Clitheroe and football player Stanley Moreton.

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A local newspaper printed an article in the year that the cemetery was opened about a local taxi driver who claimed to have seen a ghost on the crematorium grounds.  The cabby described a face and body of a ghostly figure that appeared to be green in colour.  He believed that the ghost was female too.

The article detailed a short description of a widow who had been beaten to death in 1931.  That incident occurred on Robin’s Lane which was close to the crematorium.  Could it be that the woman who met her untimely end in such an horrific manner could be spending eternity haunting the grounds of the crematorium?

Robin’s Lane which was the scene of the brutal murder is still there today, but now it is merely a path leading through the countryside.  Since the crematorium was opened, there have been a lot of developments in the area and it is now a well populated residential area.

The UFO research group in Blackpool have actually done a number of investigations into claims of supernatural experiences along Robins Lane.  One of Blackpool’s paranormal experts, Juliette Gregson of Gregson, Hughes & Harris Art has even taken photographs of the area to try to capture images of any lost souls.

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