Haunted Blackpool – Bourne Hill, Thornton

The past few days, we’ve kept our ghost stories local, but today, we venture outside Blackpool to take a look at haunted Bourne Hill in Thornton.

On Bourne Hill in Thornton once stood an impressive farmstead known as Bourne Hall. Although it was demolished towards the end of the 20th Century, it is believed that the ghosts of past residents that haunted the building never left.

You would now drive through the hall if you were travelling down Fleetwood Road. Despite the fact that the building no longer remains, archaeologists have been studying the area to find out more about the Hall’s past.

It is believed that Bourne Hall dates back to medieval times. It certainly is as old as the Middle Ages. There has even been evidence to suggest that it could have been a settlement during the Iron Age, around 2000 years ago!

The location of the Hall would have been ideal, as Bourne Hill would certainly have been one of the highest points in the area, making it perfect for keeping a lookout for approaching enemies. The surrounding land until recently was mainly a bog too so being one of the only pieces of habitable land is probably another reason why people chose to build here. Archaeological research has uncovered evidence that there was once a fort at the site.

There are local stories about an underground tunnel that runs from Bourne Hill to Rossall School, and tales of an ancient underground monastery. Many people have reported to have seen the apparition of a monk and a headless man. It is also believed that there is the spirit of a woman who roams the hill as well as a ghostly horse. To validate the claims of the underground passage, people claim to have seen the apparitions of monks not only in the Bourne Hill area, but in some areas of Fleetwood too.

This seems to be quite a common supernatural encounter on the Fylde Coast.   Have you seen a ghostly monk haunting your neighbourhood? Or maybe the headless cloaked man?

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