Haunted Blackpool – The Black Horse

Kirkham is a small but busy town between Blackpool and Preston.  The Black Horse is near to Kirkham’s main high street and as a result, it’s a popular and busy local pub for residents.

The Black Horse has always been a popular location in Kirkham and dates back to the 13th Century!  It’s made up of 2 main rooms and has been the favourite ‘haunt’ of many punters over the centuries.  These days, there’s a large screen TV in the main lounge where customers can watch sports and the pool table makes for a fun way to pass the time with friends.

Whilst there are plenty of little modern touches to The Black Horse today, there is still plenty of evidence of the pub’s past, and it would seem that there may even be spirits still lingering in the building.

Built on ancient tunnels used my a nearby monastery, there is supposedly an entire family of ghosts who haunt the Black Horse.  They met a tragic end together when a portion of roof collapsed, killing them.  Many claim to have heard ghostly sounds in the building.