It’s a Gallery, Talbot Road

It’s a Gallery! is a pop up art installation organised by the Independent Creative Arts Network, a collection of works from local independent artists set in a former bridal shop. Manned by volunteers – this exhibition is an eyeopening glimpse as to the amount of homegrown talent we have here on the Fylde Coast. 

Frank Drake – Lady at the Bar £60

Most of the works of art in this former wedding shop are up for sale for a proportionate fee which has been agreed by the collaborators in the gallery as fair, they aren’t london gallery prices either.

Rachel Joy – Distance £120

The pop up shop is due to run until Christmas at least but to help these local artists out – you can pop in and show some support. When we visited we spoke to Frank who was manning the shop for the day. Frank was a keen artist and was happy to mind the shop for the day – He told us it gave him a great opportunity to meet people with a similar interest in art.

Caran Caravan – Smell of Possibility £300

The space is well lit which really helps when taking photographs, We’re featuring some of the pictures that stood out to us the most however there must be close to 100 works of art in the shop in total many more than we can reasonably publish in one article.

Sam Simpson – Funny Break £150

There are even some locally themes works for you to marvel at.

Untitled, No list price.

If you’d like to know more about the exhibition – You can send messages directly to the It’s a Gallery FB page or alternatively you can contact ICAN on facebook too.