FRAX – Frankie Bromley and Man On Wax


FRAX are the next big thing in techno to come from Blackpool – you heard it here first!

Blackpool used to be the test bed for artists and musicians to perfect their acts before going off to play big venues such as the west end and london palladium – we’ve always had a heritage of creating entertainers. This duo however are a bit more …shall we say – underground.

We were invited to a secret location just outside poulton for a meet up with the Man on Wax in his studio. He’s been building this facility in secret for years now and is very selective about who comes here and even who knows the whereabouts of this Aladdin’s cave of top end music gear. 

New Duo

We were invited to meet the newest collaboration to come out of Blackpool. 18 year old music producer Frankie Bromley and The Man on Wax Russ Billington have teamed up on this new production and performance project called FRAX. Combining old skool techno sounds with modern production techniques – this dynamic duo have been working on their craft separately for years and have quickly brought their skills together to create some great new techno music. 

If you don’t know the name – Man on Wax – he’s an underground promoter who has been putting on events in the Local area for over 25 years. He’s not a household name and he would be glad of that. All the events are invite only and have a massive air of secrecy surrounding them. Teaming up with a fresh faced 18 year old producer is described as “cool” by the pair who believe that this is exactly what the techno community is all about. Bringing people of different backgrounds and ages together under the banner of love for music. 

Their first gig performing as duo FRAX has just been confirmed for April and will be announced through their social media over the coming week.

Burgerhain music themed food

This is the second new venture in a year from Man on Wax who is also known locally for being the brains behind burgerhain music themed food. This business has quickly developed a reputation for selling the best burgers anywhere in town even if it is from the back of a van. We were privileged enough to see some of the ideas that will be coming this year for burgerhain and although we can’t reveal any details because of a publicity deal with a major music publication – we can tell you it will blow your socks off.

Sneak preview of one of their new tracks due to be released in Feb.