Facebook, Instagram and What’s app – out for now…

Earlier today , Facebook, Instagram and What’s app stopped working. Reports started coming in at 4.30pm today.

Service status checking website downdetector has reports from users having issues with many major service providers

Three internet seems to be suffering outage issues nor will it connect to the 3 app (reported by a BPL Bible team member)

We will keep updating this article when we get more info. You can check or report service outages using downdetector.co.uk

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Is it a co-incidence that Facebook is suffering one of it’s biggest outages on a day where a whistle-blower has flipped the lid on how Facebook has changed the way it delivers news in it’s feed.


Meanwhile other users on twitter are adding to the hashtag deletefacebook but also joking at how staff at HQ must be coping at the moment.




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It’s also interesting to note that a number of world figures have also been having a bad week following revelations from the Pandora leak.