Biggest story about Katie Hopkins isn’t twitter ban…

You may have heard in the media today that former contestant on the apprentice and columnist for the Daily Mail Katie Hopkins has been banned from Twitter.

Her ban comes after many social platforms had cracked down on what they labelled as hateful or inciteful speech being used on their web services.

We reported last year that Tommy Robinson had his youtube account deleted and was banned from twitter also.

But this news isn’t the big story about Katie hopkins this week.

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Youtube star and prankster Josh Pieters from South Africa has pulled off one of the most elaborate pranks in the history of the internet – just to get even with Hopkins.

The you-tuber Josh went to great lengths spinning a web of deceit in order to lure Katie Hopkins to a fake award ceremony hosted by a fictitious organisation in Prague.

Josh had his friend fly on the same flight as Hopkins in order to capture footage of her coming over to receive a fake life time achievement award for free speech.

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The prankster explained that while katy did indeed use freedom of speech in order to spout her nastiness about everyone from muslims to single mothers – so it was only right that he used that same freedom to make her look “a bit silly on the internet”

The video is absolutely hilarious and very cringey at the same time but we think that it serves as a great leveller to someone who is seen by many as a nagative influence on society.

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