Amazing Graze Needs a New Home

Blackpool’s volunteer organisation Amazing graze needs a new home.

It has been sharing space just outside the town centre but unfortunately has been given notice that it will need to find a new venue for operations in the next 20 days. 

New Chef Jim Cooking up a grand meal

What is Amazing Graze?

Amazing graze is a local soup kitchen which feeds those who need hot food in Blackpool and distributes supplies to those who need – relying soly on donations from the local community in terms of financial help and donations of goods and clothes. 

Service users of Amazing Graze enjoying a proper meal

We were contacted by Chris Conway from United Blackpool – another volunteer organisation helping fight homelessness in the town – who alerted us of the need for Amazing Graze to find a new home – we immediately offered our help and support. 

Giving time and effort to those in need

Just before Christmas – we went out with Chris and Mark Butcher who is a homelessness campaigner in Blackpool – as they coordinated a Christmas appeal for supplies for the winter which was distributed on the night along with hot food donated by Burgerhain and other food donations from all sections of the community facilitated by Alpha Car Collections and Studio 3. Watch our video coverage of the event below.

Mark has been a key player in the establishment and success of Amazing graze along with a dedicated team of volunteers who dedicate their time regularly to helping those in need. The operation had been sufficient in the premises they had however – with the news of their need to find new premises – it opens up other possibilities for the organisation.

The idea that had been briefly outlined to us is that they are looking for somewhere in the local area – not necessarily in the town centre but easy enough to get to – a premises similar to an old church or community centre, pub or nightclub or bingo hall – possibly an old guest house.

Room enough to match this at least.

It should be somewhere that it would be possible to accommodate a medium sized kitchen, dining room / community room, toilet and showering facilities, secure storage areas for donated supplies – office space, ideally off street parking and potentially larger with more rooms to accommodate community learning projects and development courses etc. 

Kitchen would need to match this capability at least.

We understand that Amazing Graze already has a small budget to help with a potential move but they are again looking to the community to help in any way they can if financially then there is a go fund me page set up to receive donations or you can pledge other help by emailing

Please leave a comment below if you would like to show your support for this community venture and please spread the good word on your social media.

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