May 2023 Facebook Follower Questionnaire

Thanks for clicking the link and welcome to our humble website – It’s still very much a work in progress as you will see if you have a click about.

For over 8 years we have been populating our Facebook page / social media with local news & media – info about Blackpool and it’s local businesses and we’ve been generally keeping a close eye on current affairs on your behalf.

Part of our remit has also to keep you entertained with current, relevant memes as well as the best videos & pictures from Blackpool’s photographers and video creators too.

What we haven’t really focussed on is our website.

Other independent news and media outlets have found great success in re-publishing our type of content on their respective websites but that’s a step we’ve been missing out on so far. The main reason is – the time it takes to sort it all out.. We’ve just not got it right now.

In order to streamline what we focus on in the future – we’re asking YOU our followers to help direct us by answering a few questions about you so we can understand the kind of things you like and what we should focus on. This will help us to publish a monthly newsletter on our website which we will send a link to you via your email address when ready.

Our first questionnaire below is fairly general – we feel we need to gain a greater overview of who we are interacting with – without being too personal. We will handle your data securely and comply with all UK data protection laws.

Some of the questions are about who you spend money with and we only ask these in the pursuit of helping to serve our local economy better in our overall activities. Some questions will lead us to follow up with different questions in our second questionnaire which we will send a link to you via email in the coming weeks.

The info you provide to us will also help us to approach local businesses who might be interested in joining our Birthday Club where we send you discounts and offers before your birthday to help you make up your mind when planning your big celebration day / week.

We would also like to send you monthly offers from local businesses in order to help the local economy. You can unsubscribe to our service at any time in the future and we will never sell or transfer your data to a third party we will only contact you directly with info we’ve gathered ourselves on your behalf for the purpose of attempting to save you money.