Supporting Local Artists

Supporting Local Artists

It’s Easy! Supporting Local Artists – whether painters, musicians, DJ’s, Designers – Is WAY more important than chatting online about Beyonce or Kanye and Kim…

When your favorite artist ie Ed Sheeran – was starting out in the industry – He didn’t have a million fans to tell all about his music to – He grew a following. It most likely started with his mum, his best mate and a few others who thought he was good. He didn’t make it straight away but he was lucky to be in the age of modern technology so managed to get a bit of a bigger following on Myspace then Facebook and eventually after recording for a small brand called SB:TV – went viral with his use of loop pedal in his original song. That blew us all away!

Your Friend: the next Ed Sheeran

Supporting Local Artists
We all got to start somewhere

If you were Ed’s friend at the time – would you have shared his stuff on social media? Of course you bloody well would have.
That’s why it’s VITALLY important for you – right now – to look through your social media for a friend who has a Facebook page or youtube channel or Vlog for their talent.
LIKE IT, SHARE the hell out of it, engage in the comments. Tag your friends in so that they see, encourage them to share too!!

There’s a method to this madness. Facebook prioritizes what you see in news-feed. If you just see your friend’s post and don’t interact with it, and then the next time too – Facebook will assume you’re not interested and just leave it out of the next few cycles.

That has effectively doomed your friends chances to succeed in the social media game. A simple comment and a share might take you less than 1 minute to do – but will keep that Facebook post recycling in the system to be viewed by another 10, 20 even 30 of your friends. That’s how we grow local audiences!

Call to arms

Your Call to arms
Your musical brother in arms?

This is the LEAST you can do for your friend, like literally costs nothing. It’s the only way you will help them other than investing your own cash.

We can all do little things to help out our community – and it’s only by getting involved that things will change for the better. That’s why we want YOU to help US to help local businesses on the Fylde.

We are here to spread the good word. That’s what we do – you can keep that message going the same way you can support your friend. Just start a little bit of harmless banter in the comments and try to include people by tagging. It really is that easy. Like, comment, tag, share and ask people to share too.

And if you want to go the extra mile and become an actual supporter – head to the FB page of your friend or our page – where you have the option to”follow” – hover over or tap and you can select “See First” – This let’s Facebook know that you want to see the latest from your friend as soon as you next log in.

If you spent 1 post a day helping out your friend – you could make a big difference in their future career. Hey – you don’t have to post about the same friend every day – There are loads of artists in Blackpool you could check out.
Head over to our Article about New Local Artists to check out (Coming soon – check back for link)