Star Spotting In Blackpool This Summer

The Blackpool Festival is well underway this weekend, with the event kicking off last night on the Tower Headland.  Every year, we seem to get bigger and better stars coming to the resort to perform and it seems that this year is no exception.  Last year we even had the mighty Will Smith performing a huge concert to thousands on the promenade!

Let’s take a look at some of the celebrities in Blackpool this summer and where they are performing.

Already Performed

Example and DJ Wire

Headlining the Friday night part of the Blackpool Festival 2018, Example and DJ Wire performed to crowds on the Promenade.  With his Number 1 platinum album entitled “Playing in the Shadows”, Example is one of the hottest male artists around at the moment.  His amazing live sets are great for outdoor events such as the Blackpool Festival and his music creates an electric atmosphere amongst festival-goers.  

You can see Example’s official music video for his popular hit “Changed the way you kiss me” below:



British Electronica Band Faithless made a huge impact on the dance and techno music genre during the 1990s.  Their haunting and memorable melodies and floor filling tracks ensure that their music remains as popular as ever today.  Faithless performed a DJ set at the Blackpool Festival on the Friday night.


Danny Howard

Danny Howard was discovered via a talent search organised by Radio 1.  From this point, he went on to open the massive Radio 1 Ibiza Weekend 2011 and has gone on to become one of the best known dance music DJs as well as a highly influential presenter and producer.  He played a DJ set on the Friday night of The Blackpool Festival 2018.

Danny Howard


Roger Sanchez

With dance hits such as Another Chance, Lost and Turn on The Music in the early 2000s, Roger Sanchez was a well known name at the turn of the millennium.  He still continues to inspire the dance scene and performed at the Blackpool Festival 2018 on Friday night.


Still to Come

Erick Morillo

Erick Morillo is one of the most influential music producers and DJs around.  His career spans 36 years so far and has released many memorable tracks.  One of the best known tracks that Morillo has released was the iconic 90s single “I like to move it” when he performed as part of the American duo Reel 2 Real.  He will be performing at the Blackpool Festival 2018 on Saturday July 7th.


Paul Oakenfold

Paul Oakenfold is a producer and trance DJ who was voted number 1 DJ in the World on two consecutive years, 1998 and 1999 by DJ Magazine.  He has remixed tracks for over 100 artists including the likes of Britney Spears, Massive attack, Moby and The Rolling Stones.  He will be performing at the Blackpool Festival 2018 on Saturday night.

Paul Oakenfold


Atern 8

British rave duo Altern 8 rose to fame in the early 90s and they will be bringing their heavy bass lines and loud electronic sounds to the Blackpool Festival 2018 on Saturday night.

Altern 8


Darren Styles

Darren Styles is an acclaimed singer, songwriter and DJ with a career that kicked off in the 90s.  He has released some memorable tracks including several collaborations with other artists.  He will be performing at the Blackpool Festival 2018 on Saturday.


Judge Jules

Voted best DJ in the world by DJ Magazine in 1995, Judge Jules is a highly influential DJ who’s career spans 3 decades.  Jules is an accomplished saxophonist and in addition to being employed by Radio 1 for a number of years, he also recorded the sax theme tune for 1990s TV show Good Morning.  He will be perofrming a DJ set at the Blackpool Festival 2018.

Judge Jules


Todd Terry

Grammy nominated record producer and DJ Todd Terry hails from New York and began his career in the 80s.  Somethin’ going on and Keep on Jumping are two of his most well known tracks.  He can be seen at the Blackpool Festival 2018 on Saturday.


Pete Tong

Pete Tong is one of the most well known DJs in England.  His career began in the early 80s and his name has been used in the cockney rhyming slang phrase “It’s all gone Pete Tong” since the mid 80s.  He has been awarded an MBE for his contribution to the music industry and he has an impressive radio and performance history with an equally as impressive discography.  He will be performing at the Lytham Proms this year!

Pete Tong


Sister Sledge

The all female sibling vocal group Sister Sledge will be performing at the Lytham Proms.  They brought the dancefloor alive in the 70s with some of their most memorable singles and their songs still get everyone up and dancing today.  Sadly, one of the sisters passed away last year, but the 3 remaining siblings will be singing some of their best known songs for the crowds at the festival this year.


Nile Rodgers

Accomplished American record producer, songwriter, musician, composer, arranger and guitarist Nile Rodgers is known for his involvement with Chic who he will be performing with at the Lytham Proms.   He has been incredibly influential in the music industry, co writing many songs with David Bowie, Madonna, Sister Sledge, Bryan Ferry, Pitbull, Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue, Farrell Williams and many many more.


George Ezra

Although George Ezra had released some successful EPs before he released his single “Budapest” in June 2014, it was this particular track that shot him to the top.  He took the number 1 position in charts all around the world and has since enjoyed several number 1 and 2 hits and albums.  He will be bringing his folk rock/blues sounds to the Lytham Festival this year!


Emeli Sande

Emeli Sande’s powerful and incredible voice helped Labyrinth achieve great sucess for the duet that they did together, “Beneath Your Beautiful”.  Her first solo single was released in August 2011 and she has achieved such success and influenced the music industry so much that she has been awarded an MBE.  She will be performing this year at the Lytham Proms!


Rae Morris

Blackpool born and bred, Rae Morris released her debut album in 2011 and her debut single in 2012.  She has performed at the Reading and Leeds festival and opened for George Ezra on his European tour.  She has since headlined a tour of her own.  She will bring her amazing music skills to the Lytham Proms this year.



Toe-tappingly cheesy 90s group Steps will be making a special appearance at the Lytham Proms this year.  It’s that time where you can dust off your dancing shoes and bust your best moves.  It’s time to begin, I’ll count you in!  5, 6, 7, 8!  We’re pretty sure this performance will steal the show!


Britney Spears

Britney Spears is one of the best known names in the pop music industry.  Her single “Hit me baby one more time” helped her to achieve overnight success as she hit the number one spot around the globe.  She now has a huge discography of albums and singles.  She is also well known for her various off-stage dramas, including a breakdown where she shaved her head.  She will be performing a huge concert on the Tower Headland on the 1st of September to end her “Piece of Me” UK tour – thankfully with a beautiful head of hair.



American rapper Pitbull has achieved a large amount of success in recent years with various collaborations with other artists as well as some solo releases too.  He will be supporting Britney Spears on her tour and will be performing at the Britney Spears concert on the 1st of September.