McDonalds Delivery in the UK

You’ve wanted Mcdonalds Delivery for a long time.

Great news for people who post sunday morning Status’ like “Bring me Maccies NOOOOOW” or “I’m hanging out my arse from last night someone bring me 2 double cheeseburgers” Looks like your wish is about to come true!!

Bring me nuggets NOW!!!!

Mcdonalds delivery set to sweep the UK soon
Can you see the Golden Arches? No doubt there will be an app

McDonalds Delivery

McDonalds have announced that they are expanding their McDelivery service to include the McUK – although no-where specific has been identified as a McStart point. They already deliver in China and Singapore but will soon be delivering in the US, France, the UK, Germany and Canada.

Nice to know you’ll soon be able to set up a conveyor belt from the letterbox straight to your mouth and be eternally full but still feel hungry!!


Ronald loves feeding you
A man posing as a clown with an anonymous girl pictured too. Mcdonalds delivery will do away with all of this nonsense

Ronalds Riders

Guess there’s gonna be a load more clowns on the road – maybe driving scooters…. Who knows what ronald and his pals have got up their wizardy sleeves…. Maybe McDrones???

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More on the article from the telegraph but it’s basically a load of adverts and some business mumbo jumbo.

McDonald’s has announced it is looking into extending its delivery service to countries including the UK.

Source: McDonald’s announces plans to begin home delivery service in the UK