Just When You Think You Can’t Love Antony Cotton Any More

Coronation Street’s Sean Tully is played by bubbly Antony Cotton, who is a favourite amongst fans of the popular ITV soap.  Not only does he make a big impression on the Street, but he also regularly helps with fund raising events and has appeared on the popular TV program Dancing on Ice.

In an upcoming storyline for Cotton, he will lose his job and be asked to move out of Tyrone and Fizz’s flat and as a result he will be forced to sleep rough and live in a tent.  During a recent interview, Cotton has explained how he feels a sense of familiarity with Sean’s situation as he once helped a man to get back on his feet after sleeping rough.

Whilst Cotton was working on Dancing On Ice, a man wrote to him and explained that he had no choice but to leave his family home and had ended up sleeping rough in a stairwell of a Fleetwood council block in a tent.  He reached out to Cotton to see if there was anything that he could do to help his unfortunate situation.

In a great act of kindness that suits Antony Cotton’s usual personality, he helped the man to get back on his feet by first paying for him to stay in a Manchester hotel and then found a more long term housing solution for him via Barnabus, a homelessness charity.

Cotton was surprised to hear about the storyline and how the events surrounding the characters’ unfortunate circumstances seem to echo those of the Fleetwood man who reached out to him.