We’ve all seen it EXTRAS WANTED FOR LOCAL TV SERIES. But in this case a 12 hour old FB page has massed 50 thousand likes  ALREADY by pretending to be an extras agency recruiting urgently for Hollyoaks. Me thinks something fishy is afoot.


This FAKE Facebook post has been shared 66K times today

Like farming is a way of presenting something in a false light in order to make people believe it’s legitimate – in this case – someone is preying on the public desire to be famous in order to herd likes into a pen for use later on…

Nearly 50K shares and 50K likes on a 12 hour old page – That’s impressive. But it’s fake – false news, It’s a lie. But Why?

Hollyoaks Scam Page
This was how the FB page looked when it was still under 50K likes.

Facebook traffic is big business. Lots of people like Hollyoaks and would love to be part of the glamorous lifestyle.

So some smarty pants comes along with ill intent – scams a load of people into liking fake content and then has a massive FB page that can be sold to either a casting agency for profit or more scammers or worse.

The page had featured some images that included dominos logos and looked like dominos hollyoaks branded stuff. This has now been removed from the page  – but the thing is still gathering momentum regardless.

IN FACT. The page has now changed it’s address to https://www.facebook.com/BritishTvSoaps/ and has already started changing all the pictures and branding. It has massed over 75K followers so far. This is in ONE DAY.

This is the power of like farming.

update – The Page is now offering 50 pairs of tickets to be in the audience for Celebrity Juice. This is more than likely fake too but there’s no point following up now.

Lime Pictures

Lime Pictures founded by Phil Redmond in 1982 Produce Hollyoaks among other programmes. A spokesperson for them today on the phone confirmed that this IS A HOAX.

Lime Pictures do not recommend any agencies to budding actors but you can find a local agent on google or by buying a book called contacts from Smiths which lists all the agencies in the country.

This was released shortly after TheBPLBible spoke to lime pictures today

In fact a website called OMGCHECKTHIS.com seems to be the originator of the FB page. It’s a spam website with random articles and cruise ship adverts that are likely scams too. Please don’t bother visiting the site and if you’re wise Unlike and Unfollow Local Talent Agency. It’s been a waste of your time…

So you want to be an extra in Hollyoaks huh…

We’ve Spoken to an Agent at SCREAM Management based in Manchester and London. Scream are one of hundreds of Talent agencies around the country who represent budding new actors.

We asked if they had heard of “Local Talent Agency”, we sat on the phone for a second while it loaded on his Facebook. I could tell it had loaded as a little giggle was let out down the phone.

“The only way hollyoaks would mass advertise like this would be for a crowd scene but there would still have to be checks in place for child protection reasons, no-one is allowed on set without an agent representing them. There are plenty of agents out there with clients waiting for extra work on the big soaps. The best way to get onto hollyoaks as an extra is to find a local agent that suits you, come for an interview to see if it’s the right thing for you and vice versa”

All a bit suspicious

This all seems a little suspicious from the Facebook page by now. Maybe it’s a new company setting up in business but they most likely don’t have a contract with Hollyoaks – Hollyoaks pick from hundreds of candidates held in files by casting agents and management companies around the country.

There are so many to choose from and each work slightly differently. The best thing to do is find a local agent that you feel comfortable with.

The best course of action is to find out more information about your chosen career from people at the 6th form or B&F college. There are some agents in the North West who will happily guide you into a new career – but make sure you ask around to see if your chosen company is legit.

There is one Agent in Blackpool Called BigBang Management but they don’t take casting enquiries but instead manage some of your favourite stars of TV and some of the most recognisable faces from media. Blackpool really does still represent great talent.

A word of warning

If it seems too good to be true – it probably is…

People are often excited at the prospect of making it big really quickly in the entertainment industry and can end up getting duped by a fake agent or worse a predator.

It is EXTREMELY important to do your research first. A legitimate agent won’t put you in a situation you feel uncomfortable or unsafe in.

NEVER go to a casting or audition without telling someone exactly where you are and when you expect to be finished. Better yet take a chaperone.

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