Historic Pub Gets A New Lease Of Life

Blackpool’s Halfway House pub is situated at Squires Gate just opposite the business park.  It has a long history as a pub in Blackpool and long before the business park and the supermarket, it was once the favourite watering hole for the carriages as they arrived at Blackpool’s borders in the 19th century.

The Halfway House has been wrapped in scaffolding for several months now whilst work was being carried out, but the owners had to stop the project in the summer.  The reasons cited for the cessation of refurbishment was the discovery of some serious structural issues.

Thankfully, it looks as though the pub may be saved thanks to Manchester based company Joseph Holt.  The brewery has stepped forward to purchase the establishment.  Plans have already been submitted to the council by Joseph Holt.  The proposal is that the company will restore the building and open it up as a family friendly restaurant and bar.  This comes after Empire Inns, who had previously owned the pub had “abandoned refurbishment works”.   Due to the reason behind the previous owners stopping refurbishment work, Joseph Holt also submitted a design statement with the application that states that “the building is in danger of not surviving owing to the prevailing structural problems………The applicant has taken on a building that has serious construction and repair problems that require a not inconsiderable financial investment to deal with and give this building a new lease of life.”

It sounds like this will not be an easy task to undertake but if the brewery are still intent on buying the building, it must feel that there is a good chance that it can save this pub from permanent closure.