Get a Free Letter From Santa!

Get a letter from santa

Writing a letter to Santa is a great activity to do with the kids for Christmas. It’s fun, but it’s educational too. There aren’t many opportunities these days to physically write a letter since most communication is electronic now. So writing a letter to Santa will give your kids that rare opportunity to practise laying out a letter and writing for a purpose. When they get older and they have a job, they will be glad that you helped them learn that skill. In addition, it helps you to get an idea of the kinds of things they want.

Some kids are easy to shop for because they know exactly what they want, but quieter children don’t always express their wishes verbally. You could make letter writing even more fun by getting some stickers for the letter, using coloured paper and funky pens. Remember to include your address and the child’s name on the letter so Santa knows where to reply to!

However they choose to write their letters, they have to be posted by 8th December to receive a reply. Send the letter with stamp on the front to the official Royal Mail Santa address:

Santa/Father Christmas
Santa’s Grotto