30 Local Firefighters Manage To Control Blaze

An infrared image from the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Drone

Kudos to 30 firefighters yesterday who showed great display of teamwork.  Crews from Wesham, Blackpool, South Shore, and Fulwood fire stations were alerted to a fast spreading fire close to Mile Lane in Singleton Yesterday at approximately 1:50pm.  

Firefighters Tackle Singleton Wheat Field Blaze

The fire was in one of the wheat fields in the area and by the time the fire services got there, they found themselves battling a 200 metre long stretch of flames.  It was important for the firefighters to put out the blaze as fast as possible to ensure minimal damage to crops but especially to prevent the fire from damaging nearby property.  Three jets were used by the crews.

An image from the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Drone

It is not yet known what caused the fire, but the speed at which it spread is down to the dry and hot weather that we’ve been experiencing for several weeks now.  With the fields being so dry, this could quite easily have become as bad as the recent fire at Winter Hill had firefighters not been alerted soon enough and if they hadn’t have pulled their resources together.


Whilst the flames were hot enough to create enough smoke for the plumes to be seen from nearby Poulton, nearby business and attractions such as the Maize Maze were not affected.

Local Farmers and residents who raced to help before the firefighters arrived however have claimed that the fire was all but out by the time emergency services arrived and damping down was carried out by Lancs fire and rescue. Not to detract from the great work that our local fire fighters do day in day out.