Proper Sunday Roast 7 Days a Week

Chef with a Smile.

Sunday Roast 7 Days a Week

This article is now outdated. The Carvery has permanently Closed.

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Who doesn’t love a Sunday Roast? Us Brits are famous for our roast dinners and here at the bible we absolutely love them. It’s one of the reasons we decided to head down to The Carvery on Talbot Road (opposite Home Bargains) to try out their Meat and unlimited veg offer as well as their Yorkshire Pudding Wraps. (read to the end as We’ve saved the best for last obviously)

As well as supporting local businesses we also love food which is why we’ve been visiting local eateries to bring you some honest food reviews. We’re not going to lie to you about the food – if it’s bad we just don’t write it up. For this exact reason we’re really happy to write about this local businesses and it’s carvery served 7 days a week.

Warm Welcome

The locals behind this business also have a love for food. The chef in the kitchen was more than happy to give us a tour and show us where the magic happens and on the day we visited the lovely lass working front of house was more than inviting. It’s the warm welcome we were hoping for that you often don’t get with a large chain pub or restaurant.

Freshly cut and cooked carrot batons

Meat the food…

Let’s get to the food. We visited just before Christmas and were expecting a bit of a christmas dinner and we weren’t disappointed. As with most carvery’s the food was cooked fresh that day with the meat sitting on a hotplate with a heat lamp over it to keep it at a decent temperature. Unlike other carveries we’ve visited – the meat here wasn’t dry at all and you could tell that it was “home cooked food” from a clean and well presented business.

3 Meats on offer along with a banger too

We had a good nosey around the serving area at the back of the business before deciding what to eat. We had the option of Beef, Turkey or Ham which nartually were all carved in front of us. Being a bit of a greedy guts (and wanting to give the best account of the experience) we opted for a bit of all 3 and then 2 Yorkshire puds.

Traditional Yorkshire Puddings
Peas prepped and cooked in house.

Big Deal for “Sunday Roast” Lovers

Veg is a BIG DEAL when it comes to Sunday Roast and it’s easy to tell if you’re being palmed off with frozen peas or sprouts but we are happy to report that all the veg on offer was peeled and prepped that day – a fact that the chef was very proud of. The only exception to this rule were the roast spuds which after hearing feedback from their customers – they were trialling a frozen variety but honestly you wouldn’t scoff at them.

Roast potatoes the only item on offer not cooked from scratch

There were however Fresh Boiled New potatoes on offer along with the usual sunday dinner veg

Fresh new potatoes.

Really good sprouts on offer here, not mushy, not too hard… You gotta love sprouts!!

Probably the best sprouts in Blackpool

Push the Gravy Boat out

If you’re a fan of Gravy there’s a steaming bucketload (ok it’s an urn) cooked up every day in house using the juices from the meats and some of the meat itself. It’s kept at temperature and is piping hot throughout service. This traditional dressing is above average in our opinion. A Sunday Roast Wouldn’t be the same without decent gravy!

Steaming cauldron of gravy

We’re skipping over some of the best parts here like the stuffing and sauces along with the shredded cabbage which was absolutely delightful. All of the food on offer here was of the highest possible standard for a carvery restaurant.

Stuffing mixed and cooked in house
Shredded and boiled cabbage

That’s a wrap??

Not quite finished yet. It’s a Yorkshire pudding wrap and we’ve just got to the BEST PART.

Surprise in silver

If you have heard of the latest phenomenon in Sunday Roast technology (if you can call it that) The Yorkshire Pudding Wrap should be on everyone’s list of things to try in 2018. You pick your favourite elements of the carvery – the chef rolls it up in a flat Yorkshire pudding and it’s foil wrapped and further heated in a panini press. Peter Kay once famously said garlic bread was the future but he’s obviously not tried the Yorkie Wrap. It’s a MUST for food lovers.

The best part about all of this food is that it’s available for Delivery…. It’s best to have the food on site as it is with any takeaway or delivery service but you can get THIS WRAP delivered to your door TONIGHT!!!



This is something you honestly can’t miss out on. The Yorkshire pudding wrap was ordered at least 5 times by other customers while we were enjoying our meal. It’s a big hit and it’s easy to see why.

But wait – there’s more…

Loyalty Card

Not only does this business serve and deliver great food – they also have a Loyalty Scheme. If you visit ten times – Breakfast is on them.
Oh yeah – did we mention they do Breakfasts too?? They have to be in early to get the meat ready for lunch service so why not ope for breakfast too. It’s a no brainer really.

Click this pic to go to their FB page.

Open 7 days a week from Breakfast until late supper.

Have you visited The Carvery on Talbot road? Leave us a comment below to let us know what you thought about your experience. We loved it in here and can’t wait to get another meal or even just a wrap. We’ve a feeling this isn’t the last we’ll write about this local eatery.