June 2023

Thanks for clicking the link. We just wanted to tell you more about what’s going on with the BPL Bible and our interests in June.

Blackpool Drone Footage

We’re helping our friends over at Blackpool drone footage this month. They are aiming to get 500 subscribers before August and we said we would help by sharing one of their videos on our newsletter. You can check it out below and you can find more details about them and what they do on their Facebook page.



Cheap advertising for local businesses.

This month we’ve got a brand new deal for £1 advertising for local businesses. You can find more about that HERE


Buy Merch to help Build the BPL Bible.

We’ve been working on different ways to raise enough funding to truly bring the BPL Bible to life.

With over 100,000 followers over various groups and pages – we should be able to raise enough funds to employ staff to produce local news for the Brand.

News is driven by local info and this always has and will be a community lead news and media organisation – but we need your help to – build it.

We’re proposing a series of token products that followers can buy in order to help us reach out target to set up a modern newsroom in the heart of Blackpool.

It would be helpful if our followers would donate £1 directly to us – but we’re also proposing a series of products that can help you to become part of the BPL Bible community.

QR Keyrings

Our QR keyrings can be carried anywhere and provide you with a simple way of getting in touch with us for whatever reason. The QR links to a bespoke page on our website where you can report breaking news or traffic incidents, Check local info and news or interact with the latest topics and conversations. We’re also working on a local’s list for monthly deals and offers sent direct on a page just like this one.

Many of our followers are interacting with our Facebook presence which is great – but we would love to take those interactions onto our website -so by buying a QR keyring for £1.50 you will have a novel way to be part of the wider BPL Bible news team whilst also helping us to set up for the long term.

Postcard prints.

We’ve got a series of postcard prints on their way for sale at £1.50 each of all 12 for £10.


We’ve teamed up with CT customs who are ready to print off a fresh BPL Bible branded t-shirt. Not only does this help a local business who produces custom clothing – it also helps us to reach our goal faster. T shirts will be available for £15.


If you would like more info about any of these items please fill in the form below and we will get back to you via email later this week.