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What IS the BPL Bible Local’s List?

Local people who want to buy local products at reasonable prices from local businesses.

It’s like our local’s VIP list if you like.
We build the list and reach out to our local businesses for weekly special offers and discounts.
We will develop this service as the list grows. It is a free service to start with and there will always be a free membership to our service – but once we’ve set up we will be bringing a subscription style service which will help you save money on your monthly essential items. There is no obligation.
We’ve currently got just over 90 people on our list. The more we get – the bigger our buying power becomes and the better the price we can negotiate.

You’ll also hear about

  • Mystery shopper and diner assignments
  • Discounts and vouchers for local shops for filling in local marketing questionnaires
  • Exclusive deals for our list members only
  • Local work from home and freelancer jobs
  • Gift ideas and local products that are new this week
  • Latest info about local businesses in our list.
  • More to be announced next month

If you would like to join our FREE Local’s list please leave your details in the box below we will send you emails once a week and invite you to our members only group and buying club.