Content Service

Content service for social media… You’re looking for some help getting your online content straight and don’t know where to turn. We’ve been producing content for over 4 years for our own brands and for some of our private clients. We’re now opening this opportunity up to you.

Like most modern social media ad agencies – we have a range of services to choose from depending on your business need. Unlike most ad agencies – WE have our OWN social media outlet with thousands of local followers.

Once you’ve had your content created – you’ll need somewhere to put it right?

Content is KING

Just having an account online is a good step in the right direction but having it come to life on a daily basis – enchanting your potential customers into engaging with you – that is every businesses’ goal in this modern age.

If you can’t afford the outlay of employing someone to be on-site during trading hours to deal with your social media accounts – we can provide a metered virtual service to cater for whatever your business requires online.

One phone call per week is enough to instruct us on how to conduct your affairs. A few emails back and forth for clarification and then at the end of the week – a report with analysis on how the campaigns have performed. This is our bread and butter.

Publishing engaging content that is relevant to what you are doing or selling is how you keep people interested which in turn increases the exposure you get on social media.

Literally – the more you give – the more you get.

If you can’t dedicate the time to create all these different types of content for your online profiles – why not get help from us – we do this day in day out.

Weekly Management Plan (1 account)
(£30/Week to £80/Week depending on how frequently we post for you)

We will contact you once a week to discuss the key objectives and messages you would like to send out for the week ahead with our content service. We will then prepare all of these posts and schedule them to publish at the times we had agreed. Posts vary between text only, text and image or text and link. Extra posts or other items are charged at £5 per item surcharge. Other packages are available on request.

Set up a new Social Media Brand

Our content service will take the themes and any existing branding from your social media accounts, apply these themes to your new chosen social media brand and then hand everything over to you ready to start posting online.

Basic Website and Email

If you’ve not already got yourself one -You’re going to need a website in order for google to send people your way. It’s not as hard as everybody makes out – in fact we regularly set up new websites in under 4 hours. Our content service can help you set up your new personalised email addresses (up to 5) on your phone or home computer and we will even include minor updates and telephone support for the year. This is a basic package and there may well be extra charges along the line depending what industry you are in and what you want your website to do – but for most basic “portfolio” or “contact page” websites – this package will certainly cover those bases and more.

Basic Branding Package
(£130) (3 online services)

You’ve got a small business but you’ve never really thought about making it into a Brand. Worry not – We’ll set you right. from logo design to correct sized facebook header images and blank posts – Well create all the things you need to become a brand online and in the real world.

Basic Copy Writing Content Service

(£30/1000 words)

Using some examples you can provide us with – we can create content written in your chosen style. Whether it be writing about technical specifications or describing the flavour of a certain food – our descriptive writing service will fit your website like a glove. If you would like us to re-write your entire website or maybe you’d like us to look over an important document before you send it off to a client – we can help you with this and other document related services.

Stock Footage Video Ad

Using stock video and photos that you provide us with – we will create a stunning ad or experience video for you to use on your own social media. Videos get by far the most attention on social media and if you’re not communicating in video – that will explain why social media isn’t quite working for you yet. We will help you to identify your target demographic and then we will sculpt your media into a piece of art that will really resonate with your intended audience.

Video Slideshow / Explainer

If you need an aspect of your business explaining, or maybe you want to showcase a new range of products – we can build a beautiful slideshow for you to help set your campaign off right. We know from our own statistics that videos far outreach text only posts on social media and videos show up on Instagram feeds too – so putting your message in a video is the right way forward. It doesn’t cost as much as you think to be competitive online.

Basic Photo Shoot (1 hour + 1 hour editing)


If you’ve got a new product, new service, new creation that you need photos of – Our content service can come to your location on the fylde coast and take photos of whatever you wish for an hour. We then take those photos away, edit them to bring out their best qualities and produce all the photos in a download for you to use however you see fit.

Further services are available with photos – please ask for more info.

Standard Video Production (1 hour on location + 2 hours editing 1-2 mins of footage)

If you need any type of video footage taking for your social media and you want it to look better than your average home / phone video – we have got you covered.

Creating full HD or 4K video for your social media is easily achieved with minimal equipment these days meaning minimal disruption to your workplace – minimal crew on site and minimal costs for the video shoot.

Some shoots require 2 or more people due to the nature of requirements but our basic video shoot covers most scenarios.

(Any drone work required comes at an extra fee agreed with the licensed professional chosen for the job)

Live Stream your event to our audience
(Starting at £50/Hour)

Most big businesses have now caught on to the fact that putting your brand on Facebook or you tube live is a great way to increase exposure. Apple and Facebook live streamed their key note speeches this and last year – most big tech announcements come live on the internet and more and more people are using social media to watch videos. It makes perfect sense to follow the trend.

Our content service has been consulting on and managing live streams for over two years and have enough equipment to ensure that your live video looks like a broadcast quality production without the price tag to match.

Featured Business Website Article

If you’ve got a local business and would like us to write about what you’re doing at the moment – we will come and visit you – take some pictures – interview you about whatever you want us to highlight and then create a local feature article on our website which will be publicised to almost 15000 followers on our page. This can be boosted to include more local people but you’ll have to read more about that in the bottom paragraph.

Animated Video Logo / Social Media Link

We take your logo and animate it bringing your brand to life. This is an essential piece of kit if you are producing videos for your online outlets on a regular basis.

Gold Advertising Package

We write you a featured article, we publicise it on our FB page, we also add all the elements of the article into a short video which is used to advertise the piece a second time. We include boost on FB and we post the link a third fourth and fifth time in the same month in order to ensure maximum reach. Afterwards we produce a report for you to see how your ad worked and highlight what could be improved on the next one.

Boost Your Posts
(You Choose The Budget)

Facebook introduced the ability to boost – or pay for publicity on your post. Anyone can boost a post from their Facebook page and the interface you see is the same one we use. If you’d like us to manage your ads for you – we are happy to consult on this area for you. If you’d simply like to boost one of the posts you’ve put on the BPL Bible – you pay us the budget – we take 15% of that to manage the ad. No extra costs incurred from us.

Enquire or Buy

Should you have any questions regarding any of the services above – please get in touch with us on 07562 269 826