Tips for Avoiding Christmas Related Stress

Christmas can be stressful.  Trying to make sure everything is perfect for the big day can be a daunting task and as the family gets bigger and older, that just adds to the stress of the holiday season.  With so much to do and such little time, make sure that you follow our all important tips for this Christmas to ensure that you spend more time enjoying Christmas with those you love and less time stressing.

Don’t Stress The Details!

So you have all these spacial little details planned. All the family are going to wear their Christmas sweaters to Christmas themed events this year.  You’re going to remember to put that special bauble on the tree.  You were going to put together the perfect Christmas playlist and you’re going to have the most pristine wrapping paper (even though you have an infant and a dog intent on wrecking it).  Sure those little details may matter to you, but I promise you (and don’t get upset with me here), people around you will not even notice if those things go wrong or if you run out of time or forget.  The most important thing is spending time with the people who love you.  So if something’s gone wrong and you’re starting to panic, reach for that champagne flute and have a drink.  You’ve worked hard.  You deserve it! 

Lock Away Your Phone!

So your nearest and dearest have got together with you to celebrate Christmas.  What do you do?  Take out your phone to capture some special moments on the camera.  Cool right?  Well the next step for a lot of people is to then go on social media and share the photos.  Before they know it, they’re scrolling their timeline, liking other people’s photos, chatting to others about their own parties.  Suddenly, you’re siting in a corner, not making memories, and simply surfing the internet.  Social media will still be there after the party.  Your friends will post their updates and you’ll be able to see them after the party or the next day when you’re recovering with a hangover.

Sure, your phone is probably great for taking photos, but if you can’t resist the temptation, why not have a phone storage box where everyone puts their phones away.  You can then buy a decent camera relatively cheaply so that you can still capture those special moments but your phone won’t offer the temptation to go on social media.  You can always upload and tag your photos later on.

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Don’t Leave It To The Last Minute

When the plan is to have a fun party, there’s nothing worse than running around at the last minute because you haven’t given yourself enough time to prepare. It doesn’t matter if you’re the host or a guest.  You should try to prepare as much in advance as possible.  Some of our tips for doing this include:

  • Put up decorations days in advance
  • Buy and prepare food as early as you can.  If you are buying frozen food, don’t forget to take it out of the freezer to allow it to defrost if necessary.
  • Get your shopping done as early as you can.  This includes your outfit and any gifts.
  • Get your gifts wrapped as you buy them so it’s not left to the last minute.  Put tags on so that you know who they are for.
  • If you’re going to a party with your family or as a group, make sure everyone is ready early.  This is especially important if you have to make a long journey to get there.  Allow extra travel time for adverse weather.
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Don’t Miss The Memories You Build

The whole point of Christmas is to bring some magic to your life.  Building moments with your family and loved ones is what it’s all about.  Don’t miss those little memories that may slip by if you’re busy rushing around and stressing.  Watch as the kids open their presents and take in the look of excitement on their faces as they find that they’ve received the gift they really wanted.  Savor those hugs from the people you haven’t seen in a long time.  Take in the delicious smells of roast turkey and vegetables cooking in the oven, Christmas candles and fir trees.  Laugh at the daft christmas cracker jokes and reminisce about Christmases gone by.  Stop with your children when you’re shopping to admire the town Christmas display and nativity scene.  Take all those little moments in because they will become special memories for you in years to come.

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Don’t Forget Why

When you’re running around to make sure everything is just perfect, take a minute to stop and remember why you’re rushing around.  Christmas is supposed to be a celebration.  Whether you celebrate Christmas to remember the birth of Jesus, or if you use the Christmas season to get together as a family and have fun, it’s all about love, joy and happiness.  Reflect on the memories and the great times you share together and don’t get too swept up in making sure that your home is instagram worthy or trying to compete with others to make sure that you give the most extravagant gifts. 

Give yourself a break and enjoy yourself this Christmas!