Local Shops for Christmas Gifts

With only 2 shopping Saturdays left til Christmas – Here are some ideas about where you can buy thoughtful gifts for family members from actual local shops in Blackpool.

Shoppers on Church Street

Get Your Skate on

Starting off with something sporty – Big Woody’s skate shop has been at the back-bone of Blackpool’s extreme sports scene for decades. It endured a painful period whilst development works saw Talbot road decimated for what felt like a lifetime – this shop sprang a new lease of life further along Talbot road close to the old Devonshire road hospital site.

One of the main benefits of this location is the free parking space available close-by which is handy if one was to nip to collect an item. It’s also close to many stops for main bus routes going into and through Blackpool.

You can find a wide range of accessories for skating and BMX biking too.


Something different?

Bubble’s Den on Abingdon street is a charming little shop selling some great products that would make ideal gifts.

from charms and pendants to posters and bags – this shop has a great selection of items that you’d struggle to find elsewhere.

Here’s a sneak peek inside for anyone who has never seen what’s on offer. This shop used to be a stall on Abingdon Street Market before it was forced to relocate opposite the market.

You can find a large selection of mood rings and moon stones.

Ladies Fashion

Hermosa Boutique on Church street has a vast selection of items that would be ideal as gifts. Hats bags scarves gloves – all sorts. Great place to find a Christmas party outfit too.

High Street Toy Shop

Church Street is home to Toy Land – You can find gifts for kids and big kids here.

Local Jeweller

Claytons – are due to move from Cookson street soon to make way for the proposed multiversity campus.

There’s also F-Hinds in the town centre who always have a lovely selection of gems and jewels.

ROCKC jewellers is on Church street next to the Grand Theatre. Many years ago this shop used to be called baubles bangles and beads.

A Blackpool Staple

If you’ve ever entered the Hounds Hill from Victoria street – You will have walked past the Perfume shop in the lobby. This area used to be a small covered market space with stalls. It was home to hundreds of pigeons.


Where once stood Clinton’s cards is now a memorabilia shop.

Punk rocker?

Topping street is where you’ll find Renegade -with a great selection for anyone who is a punk or a rocker – or just likes that aesthetic.

And next door is Cassandras – another mixed bag of trinkets and sundries.

Personalised gifts for babies

On the corner of topping Street and Church Street you can find Kelly’s Baby boutique.

Someone who likes vinyl?

Records and relics is on Church street and has something for people who love music.

Its next door to designer menswear shop Mankind

And by no means least – If you’re looking for something special – you may find it in the lingerie lounge on church street.

Much more

This is by no means an exhaustive list – Blackpool has much more to offer – but these were the businesses we managed to fit into today’s article.
If You would like us to include YOUR business in an article in the future please contact us by email at newsdesk@thebplbible.co.uk

Not got a tree yet?

The Salad bowl on Topping Street has real trees available for delivery – as well as all your festive and usual fruit veg and sundries.

Call for orders and delivery

The tree is lush and smells fresh

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